KIA BEAT 360 is a multipurpose brand experience center, and it was built by renovating the entire interior and exterior features of business building of KIA MOTORS in Seoul, Korea.

Project name: KIA BEAT 360
Architect’ Firm: CA Plan Co.,Ltd
Lead Architects: Jung Seung Young
Project location: 417, Apgujung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Completion Year: June 29, 2017
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 2,055㎡
Photo credits: CA Plan Co.,Ltd,  KIA Motors Corporation

Other participants
(eg. collaborators, clients, consultants, etc):

-KIA Motors Corporation

Design & Design supervision
-CA PLAN/ Jung Seung Young


Structure Stability Review & Examination
-Jeon and partners consulting engineers/
Yoon Heum Hak

Landscape Design
Lee Haein, Lee Ho Young

-Exhibit Korea/
Lee Dong Soo

KIA BEAT 360 By CA PLAN - Sheet12
©CA Plan Co.,Ltd,  KIA Motors Corporation

The Façade Design of experience center used the image of air flow as the structural motive to express “A Different Beat,” the brand direction of KIA MOTORS, and the algorithm to convert the shade value of parametrical image into the angles of modules.

The 7533 modules forming the facade along with applied algorithm are adjusted into different angles to show dynamic three-dimensional patterns. The factors like lighting, ventilation, and outside view of the conventional building have been evaluated by assuring gaps among modules. Under the angles to view the building, the patterns and colors of the facade are differentiated, expressing the innovative and dynamic brand image.

KIA BEAT 360 By CA PLAN - Sheet13
©CA Plan Co.,Ltd,  KIA Motors Corporation

As the first brand exhibition space of KIA, BEAT 360 contains brand identity as well as full-line up cars. To integrate separated existing space, we apply continuous KIA Track and K-monument (main mass) into the space. Three unique theme spaces- cafe, garden and salon are connected via a single track to offer a 360 brand experience. Also, each space represents diverse individual lifestyles but can exist in harmony.

Additional Script

Replacement of Brand Value

To express the direction of KIA MOTORS brand “A Different Beat,” the image of air flow based on aerodynamics was used as a structural motive, and the algorithm to convert the shade value of parametrical image into angles of modules was used.

KIA BEAT 360 By CA PLAN - Sheet15
©CA Plan Co.,Ltd,  KIA Motors Corporation

Design of Optimization

Just by entering a number into the algorithm, the number and the arrangement of modules are simulated real-time. The drawings, or the design data, are automatically calculated to reduce unnecessary manual work, and efficient calculation of quantity and optimization of budget are available.

KIA BEAT 360 By CA PLAN - Sheet16
©CA Plan Co.,Ltd,  KIA Motors Corporation

Expandability of Application

This algorithm has been designed so that three factors – forms of surfaces, sizes and quantities of modules, and image patterns – may be applied as variables. Therefore, it may be applied to various types and sizes of buildings for simulation.


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