From a pre-existing metallic structure and the redesign of a commercial area, an idea has been developed to create an iconic piece that asserts itself as a protagonist in the surroundings.

Project name: Lexus Faro Office
Rarcon Architects: João Ramos
Facebook: –
Location: Faro
Conclusion year:Build Area (m2): .80m2
Client: Caetano Auto
Photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio
Website from the photographer:

Lexus in Portugal By Rarcon architects - Sheet1The challenge was to understand how the building could be shaped to stand out clearly in the middle of several large scale commercial buildings.

Lexus in Portugal By Rarcon architects - Sheet3

The existing structure had a very particular shape and to accommodate the technical needs required by the program, such as an exhibition area, office, lounge and a higher technical floor, there was a need to adapt the slopes to include the program and for drainage control of rainwater.

Lexus in Portugal By Rarcon architects - Sheet4

The geometries were deliberately creased with the intention of standing out and attracting the customer intuitively into the space. These geometries are introduced using an autono mous substructure as a skin that clings to pre-existence and thus allowed a freer design of the object.

Lexus in Portugal By Rarcon architects - Sheet7In the interior of the building we realize that the relationship with the exterior is direct and there is a dialogue with the language design for the casing. Thus, the interior is shaped by the pre-existing metal structure, making it characteristic by the angles and twists that compose it.

Lexus in Portugal By Rarcon architects - Sheet9The building works as a whole, with a strong morphological identity that is related to the brands identity, where the chromatic part and the form is predominant in the space.


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