The project is intuitively born from the parameterization of the gabled roof archetype in an intentionally uncomplicated and subtle way.

Studio Name: LIQE arquitectura
Design Team: Javier Couto Granja, Laura Priegue González, María José Núñez Corbal, Alexandre Cameselle Vila
Area: Galicia, Spain
Year: 2020
Location: Vigo
Consultants: Nortap Ingenieros, Benito Cameselle, Samuel Requejo
Photography Credits: Roi Alonso

Casa Mouteiras By Liqe Arquitectura - Sheet5
©Roi Alonso

The gradual incorporation of the diverse conditions formalizes the cover in a solution that ends up being expressed with a special sensitivity towards a hybrid landscape, the result of the careless action of human transformation, through an innate complexity born of the sum of parameters:

The arrival from an elevated location to the south and the special topographic configuration falling to the northwest, requiring the conjugation of privacy and exposure in the same direction.

Casa Mouteiras By Liqe Arquitectura - Sheet6
©Roi Alonso

The views to the northwest, needing height to get rid of obstacles in the form of houses.

The importance given to the later incorporation of photovoltaic panels as an alternative to self-sufficiency, requiring an optimal inclination for the roof.

The usually underestimated budget constraint, coupled with terrain with a particularly low load-bearing capacity, with the firm more than fifteen meters deep, required enormous volumetric compactness and limitation in the hole opening and other operations.

Casa Mouteiras By Liqe Arquitectura - Sheetv8
©Roi Alonso

The special importance demanded by the clients to the conception of the house in a unique level, specifying that the exit to the level superior is a secondary space to the house.

The result obtained is a volumetric set that discreetly stars in the space, allowing the internal operation of the house to be mentally configured from the outside.

When resolved on a single floor, the unevenness of the ground materializes the access to the garage by the lower level, manifesting itself in a plinth of granite slopes; and generating in the same gesture of containment a garden to the southeast in extension of the dwelling.

©Roi Alonso

Inside already manifested externally through the roofs, the double-height space, starring a spartan exposed concrete staircase, divides the day and night areas into an intentionally functionalist and optimizing design to fit strict budget conditions.


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