It’s January 2024, and it represents another day in another year. The difference cannot only be in the number changing, however. The slate is clean, and there are infinite possibilities that can occur. Therefore, whether you’re a designer or architect, it is not a just matter of “should” or “desire” but what can be done through you with your level of attention, inspiration and gifts. They say there is “Nothing new under the sun.” yet there is always something to reimagine, restore, renew or re-interpret. There are 24 hours a day, plenty of time to find new ways to regenerate the human spirit into resplendence. The sun doesn’t change what it sees, yet courage and creativity lay dormant in the soul, unseen. In 2024, here are some great resolutions in high resolution.

1.) Sou Fujimoto’s “Not a Hotel Ishigaki”

Located on the island of Ishigaki in Okinawa prefecture, Japan, this disc-shaped villa almost resembles a happy face. The design comes from architectural designer Sou Fujimoto and features something unheard of in most buildings: no designated front or back. There is a grass-covered, sloped roof with several circular openings and a body of water near its base. The multiple vantage points of the rental property offer glimpses of Okinawan subtropical paradise. If there’s one lesson to be learned from this endeavour, “It’s never too old to break the mould.”

10 Architectural Resolutions for 2024-Sheet1
© Sou Fujimoto

2.) National Assembly of Benin

Sometimes, inspiration can sit right before you, and you need to notice. For Germany-based architecture firm Kere Architecture, inspiration was found in the Palaver trees of Porto-Novo to create the National Assembly of Benin Parliament building. Designed to resemble the canopy in a rainforest, this design was meant to serve the identity of the locals in addition to democracy. These are more than lofty aspirations and are rooted in local practices, where community members gather under a Pavlaver tree to discuss societal issues.

10 Architectural Resolutions for 2024-Sheet2
©Kéré Architecture Rendering National Assembly of Benin

3.)  Odderøya grain silo

When it comes to “re-inventing the wheel,” MX_SI and Mestres Wåge Arquitectes have joined forces to turn what was once a grain silo that originated from the 1930s into an art museum. It will take on the new name Silosamlingen or Silo Collection and potentially feature some cuts into each of the 30 cylindrical cells that make up the silo, allowing for more places to explore and increased circulation. To accommodate more art pieces, a warehouse would be attached.

10 Architectural Resolutions for 2024-Sheet3
Kunstsilo, Norway, by MX_©SI and Mestres Wåge Arquitectes

4.) OMA Simone-Veil Bridge, France

When most people look at a bridge, they may admire the design as they cross it or be concerned with its stability. The architects at OMA have re-imagined a bridge in France to act as a crossing for vehicles and pedestrians and function as a space for holding events.

10 Architectural Resolutions for 2024-Sheet4
©Simone Veil-Bridge OMA rendering

5.) Jinghe New City Culture & Art Centre’s

Nature has its own unique, timeless sense of beauty. Humankind, with all its aspirations, will always be attempting to catch up with it. One way to catch up to nature’s beauty is to imitate it. And this is precisely what the architects at Zaha Hadid did. This design took its cue from how the Jinghe River seems to “ undulate” through the Chinese mountainous valley’s landscape. The Performing Arts Center will have eight lanes for visitors to choose from on Jinghe Avenue and is part of an overall goal to reinvent the area and surrounding infrastructure.

10 Architectural Resolutions for 2024-Sheet5

6.) Photovoltaics in Canada

While not the first architectural enhancement one might consider when designing a building, it is undoubtedly integral to sustainability. When architects create buildings to control energy consumption in a constantly population-expanding world, photovoltaics (solar panels) will become increasingly common. According to a 2015 annual report, Ontario is the province leading in photovoltaic development.

10 Architectural Resolutions for 2024-Sheet6
© Kindel Media

7.) Kacktus Towers in Denmark by BIG

Despite being in development for over a decade, this design has a modern look. The panes that make up the floor are flared out, creating that edgy, Jenga’s 4th cousin twist. This kind of structure reminds architects and designers to be bold and not be afraid to step outside their pre-conceived animations.

10 Architectural Resolutions for 2024-Sheet7
© of BIG

8.) Čoarvemátta Norway, by Snøhetta

Nothing says innovative, like modeling a structure after an animal.  Čoarvemátta is shaped like a reindeer’s horn and is representative of the caretaking of reindeer within the rural facility. The developers at Snøhetta were mindful of the Sámi people of Norway’s interests.

10 Architectural Resolutions for 2024-Sheet8
© Snøhetta

9.) Pathé Palace (Renzo Piano Building Workshop)

In Paris, France, a cinema complex comprised of seven screens and art decor has been re-invented for the head office of the film company Pathé Palace and will also feature a prominent atrium.

10 Architectural Resolutions for 2024-Sheet9
© Renzo Piano Building Workshop

10.) Rubicon, Alison Brooks

This community will be made up of old structures once operated as mills and warehouses and will be redesigned as 186 units within five buildings in the UK.

10 Architectural Resolutions for 2024-Sheet10
© Alison Brooks


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