Here’s a response from Jody to an open letter from Annie Choi to all the architects saying ‘Dear Architects, I’m sick of your shit’. Here as it goes!

Hey Annie,

I know it’s been awhile, I’m sorry about that. I was really busy. At least until 2009, then not so much…

I just wanted to say, you were right. I’ve wasted 18 years of my life, zooming in and out on this toilet partition detail. I just wanted the head of the partitions to align with the head of the plate glass mirror, and the top of L’Enfant’s hat on that sculpture in front of Versailles. You remember the one, right? The one that I told you I always wanted to visit. It’s just so ironic, I mean he’s American, and the sculpture’s by a Peruvian artist, and it’s in France. You said you’d go with me, At least I think that’s what you said… I was only “barely” listening.

I guess that’s the thing. I was always just “barely” listening to you.  I was distracted by the pattern on the ceiling in that restaurant we used to go to. You know, the one with the 2” mahogany bar top with the ebony inlays. I think they had Glenfiddich there. You remember the one?

I was just so tired.

Why was I staying up again? Was it a door schedule? No, it was a hardware schedule. Right, those are really hard to do, sometimes we’ll hire someone to do that for us, but you always end up with a hardware distributor doing the schedule, and he’s only going to specify the manufacturers that his company supplies, so it’s not really fair to the client that way, cause you won’t really get a competitive bid, plus, I like to use the touch latches on the flush panel doors, and I really hate the typical door stops, those look cheap, you know, the bendy ones with the little rubber nipple thing, they just get bent out of shape in the first week, and the springy thing is always brass color, I prefer stainless, but you can just add stops to the hinges instead of the basetrim, that looks SO much cleaner really…

…. What? Annie?…

Oh shit, I’m doing it again, aren’t I?

I know, I know…  Architecture is like a self-induced case of Asperger’s disease.

Oh yeah, I ran into Rem Koolhaas a few years ago at a conference. You totally made that concrete vagina thing up? He nearly punched me. Plus, he looked really tired. And, I’m pretty sure he’s gay. I mean, have you seen that library in Seattle?

Anyway, I just ran across your blog or maybe someone posted your “Architects I’m sick of your something letter” on the bulletin board in the breakroom. It’d be right above the coffee pot, so eventually, I’d see it. That was really great, by the way. Was that glass-dildo building the one I was working on the toilet plans for when I was at Foster’s office? The sanitary napkin dispenser locations? Yep, that was me… Never mind, doesn’t matter…

I just ran across your name a few years ago and thought. “I should totally call Annie and see what she’s up to” But, then I got this deadline out of the blue. It’s a really cool sustainable-eco-friendly-mobile-art-museum, and we’re going to use shipping containers. It’s awesome, and I just got distracted.

But anyway, just wanted to say “hey”

Oh, by the way, I double-checked your apartment dimensions last year when my firm switched to BIM instead of Cad. Turns out it isn’t 187 square feet afterall. It’s actually 186.35 square feet. Just thought you should know.


The letter was originally published on CoffewithanArchitect


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