Gold Coast is an Australian conurbation located along the Pacific coast about 94 km south-east of Brisbane in the south-east Queensland region. This conurbation of 538,263 inhabitants stretches over some 50 kilometers. It is the result of a long process of municipal amalgamation that began in the 1950s and is currently Australia’s sixth largest city. Considering Australian Miami, it is Queensland’s most popular tourist destination. What makes the Gold Coasts charming is, among other things, its long sandy beaches, surfing spots, its complex network of canals and waterways, and above all, its many theme parks. These places would certainly allow an architect to go back to his childhood, open his mind, and increase his creativity.

1- Surfers Paradise

Familiarly called “Surfers”, it is a suburb of the gold coast. It is the promised land of urban diversity, surrounded by tall buildings and a wide surfing beach. The skyscrapers of Surfers Paradise are well-known as Queensland’s skyline. Surfers Paradise is known as the soul of Queensland, not least because of the behavior of the wide surfing beach. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy this colossal destination. The great Surfers Paradise festival is celebrated each year in March or April to celebrate the exuberant beauty of the Gold Coast’s authentic cuisine, fashion, arts and crafts, local culture, and music.

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Surfers Paradise beach and towers view ©Destination Gold Coast
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Surfers Paradise beach and towers view ©Mantra Hotels
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Surfers Paradise sea and towers view ©Vrbo

2- Warner Bros Movie World

Located on the Pacific Highway, Warner Bros Movie World is a movie studio theme park in Gold Coast and is more commonly called Movie World. Its theme is based on the Warner Bros movie studio and related DC Comics properties. It was opened on June 3, 1991. The park contains a variety of movie-themed attractions and rides, ranging from motion simulators to roller coasters and river rides. Famous characters such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Scooby-Doo … patrol in the park.

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Warner Bros Movie World, attraction view ©
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Warner Bros Movie World, entrance view ©Klook
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Warner Bros Movie World, attraction view © Movie World

3- Skypoint Observation Deck

SkyPoint Observation Deck is an observation deck located on levels 77 and 78 of Building Q1 (Australia’s tallest residential tower) in Surfers Paradise. It includes a museum, weather station, theatre, and lounge bar on two levels. It is Australia’s only waterfront observation deck and can accommodate 400 people. Rising 230 meters into the sky, it is one of the Gold Coast’s popular attractions. It offers a 360-degree panoramic view that stretches from the surfing hinterland and beyond and is the perfect place for visitors to experience the unforgettable shimmering panorama of the Gold Coast or admire the view from Brisbane to Byron Bay.

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Skypoint Observation Deck, exterior view ©
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Skypoint Observation Deck, interior view ©
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Skypoint Observation Deck, panoramic view ©

4- Sea World

Sea World is an Australian amusement park, oceanarium, and dolphinarium located on the Gold Coast. It includes rides and attractions and features marine animals. In addition, it promotes wildlife conservation by providing education, rescue, and rehabilitation of injured, sick or orphaned wild animals. Founded in 1958 as Surfers Paradise Ski Gardens, it presented “water skiing shows combined with comedy, water ballet and action” in Carrara. In 1971, it moved to the Southport barrier beach. A year later, the park changed its name to Sea World with the introduction of dolphins, marine entertainment, and a replica of the galleon Endeavour, a swimming pool, a restaurant, and a shop.

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Sea world, entrance view ©
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Sea world, panoramic view ©
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Sea world, pool view ©

5- Home of the Arts

HOTA – Home of the Arts is an arts center located on the banks of the Nerang River on the Gold Coast. It was formerly known as The Arts Centre Gold Coast and Gold Coast Arts Centre. It has an open-air stage, a Panorama Suite, a Showroom, an auditorium, cinemas, an art gallery … The outdoor stage is surrounded by parks and Lake Evandale and is covered by a 100-ton freestanding screen that protects artists from the sun and glare. The Panorama Suite can accommodate more than 70 spectators and opens onto a large terrace. It offers a 180-degree view of the Nerang River. The Showroom is a versatile space that also opens onto a large terrace. The Arts Theatre is a two-level auditorium with seating for 1139 spectators. The Gold Coast City Art Gallery is known as one of Australia’s largest regional public galleries and serves a population of approximately 560,000 people.

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HOTA exterior view ©
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HOTA Gallery, render exterior view ©
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HOTA’s outdoor stage panoramic view ©

6- Wet ‘n’ Wild

Opened to the public in 1984, the Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast is a water park located in Oxenford. In 2009, it received 1,095,000 visitors, making it the largest in Australia and the eighth largest in the world. The park remains open year-round and all pools and slides are heated during the winter months. It is one of seven water parks operating under the Wet’n’Wild brand worldwide. This park impresses with its amazing world-class facilities. There are four water pools, seventeen different slides for adults, and two specially constructed children’s places inside the park. It is also possible to do souvenir shopping and take away some of the collectibles.

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Wet ‘n’ Wild, attraction’s view ©
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Wet ‘n’ Wild, children playing area’s view ©
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Wet ‘n’ Wild, slide’s view ©

7- Pacific FairShopping Center

Pacific Fair is a large shopping center located at Broad beach Waters. It opened in 1977 on a swamp with 96 specialty stores and has expanded over the years to include over 400 specialty stores. It was Queensland’s largest regional shopping center until 2006. In January 2014, work began on a major redevelopment project to accommodate anticipated regional growth on the Gold Coast. The Pacific Fair is the Gold Coast’s premier shopping and dining destination. With 400 stores, it offers a captivating mix of the world’s best brands, amidst tropical landscapes and a unique outdoor atmosphere. It also has a 12-screen Birch Carroll and Coyle cinema (reopened as an event cinema at the end of 2015).

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Pacific Fair, entrance view ©
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Pacific Fair, exterior view ©
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Pacific Fair, interior view ©
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Pacific Fair, interior view ©
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Pacific Fair, interior view ©

8- Dreamworld

Dreamworld is a very popular theme park. It covers more than 30 hectares and is located at the northern end of the Gold Coast on the Pacific Highway. It is Australia’s largest theme park, with over 40 rides and quality attractions, including five roller coasters. It has been nicknamed Screamworld for its thrill rides. Dreamworld has been divided into a series of luxurious theme areas with an extensive collection of quality shows, rides, shops, and attractions.

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Dreamworld, atraction’s view ©civitatis
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Dreamworld, panoramic view ©news
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Dreamworld, atraction’s view ©pinterest

9- Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Center

Opened in 1999 and located on the Gold Coast Highway just 20 minutes north of Surfers Paradise on the way to the amusement parks, Harbour Town was the first and is still Australia’s largest shopping center built specifically for factory outlets. The Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre is a Gold Coast must-see for a full day of family entertainment and shopping. The mall has over two hundred outlets selling some of the world’s most famous brands. The commercial center is also home to some of the city’s finest restaurants. It is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. You can also enjoy a unique movie experience in the comfortable environment of the Reading Cinema.

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Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Center, exterior view©
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Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Center, interior view ©
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Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Center, main view ©

10- WhiteWater World

After years of planning and a year of construction, WhiteWater World opened its doors to the public on December 8, 2006. It is located at the north end of the Gold Coast on the Pacific Highway, approximately 17 km north of Surfers Paradise. It is a water park that features some of the most extreme water slides on the planet with great family-friendly attractions. It pays homage to Australia’s surfing culture and is the first Australian park where you can experience the four hottest waterslides.

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WhiteWater World, attraction’s view©CRP
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WhiteWater World, waves cave’s view©
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WhiteWater World, pool view©
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WhiteWater World, wave pool view©

11- Robina Town Shopping Center

The Robina Town Shopping Center is the third-largest shopping center on the Gold Coast, after the Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Center and the recently redeveloped Pacific Fair. It is located next to the M1 highway and less than a kilometer from Robina train station and covers 34 hectares in the suburbs of Robina. The shopping center has 7 major tenants and over 400 retail outlets covering over 130,000 square meters. It offers a very exciting shopping experience.

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Robina Town Shopping Center, exterior view©
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Robina Town Shopping Center, exterior view©
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Robina Town Shopping Center, interior view©

12- Springbrook National Park

In contrast to the bustling noisy beaches, Springbrook National Park offers a tranquil escape into a World Heritage wilderness. Rock climbing faces, rainforests, waterfalls, and gorges of the McPherson Range dominate the park. A popular attraction here is the Natural Arch Bridge, where a waterfall plunges into a cave through a natural basalt arch. The park is also a bird sanctuary, with several endangered species.

Springbrook National Park - Sheet1
Springbrook national park, fallingwater view©tripadvisor
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Springbrook national park, natural bridge©oceaniepourleszeros
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Springbrook national park, natural bridge©traveltriangle

13- Cavill Avenue Mall

Cavill Avenue Mall is the best avenue on the Gold Coast for nightlife and shopping. It is located in Surfer’s Paradise, just over an hour’s drive from Gold Coast International Airport. It is the leisure center of Surfer’s Paradise, with a number of shops, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and some of the best restaurants. The surrounding streets are the main attraction of the Cavill Avenue Shopping Center. There are some of the best nightclubs, tattoo shops, and inexpensive but incredible food.

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Cavill Avenue Mall, exterior view ©
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Cavill Avenue Mall, exterior view ©
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Cavill Avenue Mall, night view ©

14- G: link, Gold Coast

G: link, also known as Gold Coast Light Rail, is a light rail system that serves the Gold Coast. It is a 20-kilometer, 16 stations line that connects Broad Beach and the Gold Coast University Hospital. It consists of 14 air-conditioned streetcars, each capable of carrying 309 passengers. They operate from 5 a.m. to midnight on weekdays and 24 hours a day on weekends. The G: Link line takes tourists to some of the Gold Coast’s major attractions. The line opened on July 20, 2014, and was extended northwest from Gold Coast University Hospital in Helensvale on December 17, 2017.

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G link, Gold Coast, exterior view ©
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G link, Gold Coast, exterior view ©
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G link, Gold Coast, exterior view ©

15- Miami Marketta

The Miami Marketta is the premier street food market on the Gold Coast and is quite simply a mix of diverse nationalities. Located in the beautiful coastal suburb of the Gold Coast, it attracts a lot of people with its incredible atmosphere and quirky entertainment. With over 650 seats at any one time, the street food area is extremely international and is also known for its extravagant music. With more than 25 sellers of various nationalities, the Miami Marketta Street Food is a paradise for tourists and locals alike. It is a truly family-oriented food service, which even includes a children’s playground to entertain children with crafts.

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Miami Marketta, entrance view ©
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Miami Marketta, interior view ©
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Miami Marketta, interior view ©
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Miami Marketta, night view ©

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