6. Maternity Ward and Neonatal Care Unit, L’Hôpital de St. Boniface

“A much-needed hospital helps mothers”

After the distressing earthquake of 2010 in Haiti, Payette’s Healthcare group and other groups of experts formed a team to help rejuvenate the country. From this collaborative, a proposal was voiced to build a maternity hospital for a vulnerable community.

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Iconic Projects-Payette-MaternityWard -1
View of the hospital set amidst the terrain of Winnipeg’s mountainous range.

Local construction techniques and labour were incorporated into the building of the wards. With a simplistic design approach of being enclosed and yet open to the natural landscape, the hospital takes inspiration from a garden pavilion that opens to a dramatic serene setting.

Iconic Projects-Payette-MaternityWard -2
Ground Floor Plan of the Hospital.

The building doesn’t just serve as a maternity and neonatal care unit but also comprises a training centre of an area about 5,000 square feet built to serve as a community health development centre and to foster related activities.

View of the Corridor of the hospital which overlooks the landscape.

7. Spinal Cord Injury Long-Term Care Facility, Veterans Affairs Medical Centre

“Bringing the natural world to long-term patient care”

To break the feeling of isolation that is usually associated with the patients that suffice extensive long-term injuries, preventing them to walk, Payette has designed this facility which aims at breaking those boundaries. It provides both outpatient clinical services and long-term inpatient facilities. The building is designed to form intimate tangible connections with the surrounding nature.

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Iconic Projects-Payette-SpinalCordInjury -1
Aerial view of a render that shows the entire facility and its connection with the natural landscape.

The building’s main spine or street runs along the entire length of the facility, linking all its different spaces of the main lobby, the neighbourhoods, the therapy programs and the two therapy courtyards.

Iconic Projects-Payette-SpinalCordInjury -2
Model of the facility showing the different programmatic elements.

The building is designed as four houses that like fingers, extend into the natural landscape, forming small neighbourhoods. The facility is built taking advantage of the sloping grade, linking two levels of inpatient floors with the landscape, larger community and environment.

Iconic Projects-Payette-SpinalCordInjury -3
A realistic render of the many different intimate spaces that the built environment creates with the natural landscape.

8. Health Sciences Campus Framework Plan, Temple University

“A plan to reinvigorate student life”

Iconic Projects-Payette-HealthSciencesCampus -1
A render of the Building’s exterior.

Temple University’s Health Sciences Centre is aimed at training future healthcare providers, innovate health science research and nurture the residents of North Philadelphia. However, its present campus failed at achieving that. Thus, it called for a transformation plan that would provide an accommodating structure to guide upcoming advancement on the campus.

Iconic Projects-Payette-HealthSciencesCampus -2
Model of the Campus showing the campus green and its relationship to the existing surrounding of the city.

In the North Broad Street, to strengthen the campus’s presence, new campus centre and campus green were planned that would span Broad street forming the campus gateway. The campus green acts like an urban oasis which enhances Broad Street as the main campus spine with a major urban space in the centre.

Iconic Projects-Payette-HealthSciencesCampus -3
Plan of the Campus greens and its relationship to the Campus Centre.

9. Scaife Hall Master Plan and Medical Education Building, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

“Bringing Scaife Hall into the Future with the Help of History” 

Scaife -1
View of the Entry façade of the building.

In the first phase of the Master plan designed for Scaife Hall, renovations were made to the admission’s office, a new front entry was designed along with a new student lounge and a café. The idea was to create a welcoming new social hub with the addition of a new monumental staircase and interactive multimedia display.

Scaife -2
Inside the building showing the interactive multimedia display.

Further along, the development shall comprise of a new auditorium, classrooms, new anatomy lab, wet and dry teaching labs and small group rooms. From the exterior, the project appears as a glass box cantilevering over the entrance, shaded from the sun with the help of angled perforated aluminium panels.

Scaife -3
View from the interior of the “glass box” showing the perforated aluminium panels. Park Science Centre Renovation, Bryn Mawr College

“Enhancing the Experience for a Nationally-Ranked STEM Program” 

Completed in the year 2018, is this LEED Silver accredited renovation of the Bryn Mawr College building that had been famously known exemplary in Education of Women in the Sciences.

Scaife -4
Exterior view of the renovated building.

The building has housed the sciences and mathematics ever since the year 1936. It sits on the sloping North-eastern segment of the campus. The aim of the renovation is to create a new hub that shall house the programmatic elements of teaching, research and departmental areas in a more stimulating and coherent manner.

Payette-Scaife -5
Spaces designed inside the centre to foster active student learning.

10. Biosciences Research Building, National University of Ireland, Galway

 “An innovative high tech, energy-efficient, economical building” 

Iconic Projects-Payette-BiosciencesResearch -1
View inside a laboratory.

The new Biosciences Research Building (BRB) located in Galway saw completion in the year 2013. This project is located in the vicinity of the undulating meadows near the river Corrib and is a part of the first phase of the new North Campus Science Area on the campus. An attempt is also made to bridge this new addition to the University’s historic campus while providing science laboratories for cancer research, regenerative medicine, chemical biology and biological safety level-3 animal research.

Iconic Projects-Payette-BiosciencesResearch -2
Exterior view of the Biosciences Research Building.
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