Space Art BCA Architecture – Architects in Kerala

Architecture, a living art form, constantly adapts to its surroundings, project types, and client aspirations. This adaptability is essential for survival, mirroring nature’s perpetual evolution. Space Art BCA Architecture epitomizes this ethos, drawing profound inspiration from the sustainable-building pioneer, Laurie Baker.

Founders and Ethos

Founded in 1997 in Calicut by architects Vinod Cyriac and Anita Choudhuri, Space Art BCA Architecture symbolizes a quest to merge human dwellings harmoniously with their environment. The founders’ vision encapsulates the essence of simplicity prevalent in nature, seeking to replicate it within architectural designs.

Pursuit of Simplicity and Harmony

The essence of simplicity, omnipresent in remarkable human achievements and nature’s magnificence, remains a cornerstone of Space Art’s philosophy. The studio’s mission revolves around capturing the simplicity inherent in dwelling spaces embraced by nature. It’s a perpetual journey, delving into the societal roots and the origins of creation.

Unique Approach to Sustainable Communities

Space Art BCA Architecture stands distinguished for its emphasis on tradition, craftsmanship, and intricate details in housing and community development. Their endeavors go beyond mere construction; they aim to reinterpret traditional architectural values, amalgamating them with contemporary design principles to create sustainable environments.

Blending Tradition with Contemporary Vision

The studio’s innovative approach lies in crafting architectural marvels that blend contemporary aesthetics with traditional architectural vocabularies. This fusion of the old and the new yields meaningful, sustainable, and visually striking building environments.

Commitment to Sustainable Design

Space Art BCA Architecture’s commitment to sustainable design isn’t just a choice; it’s a responsibility. Their projects meticulously consider environmental impact, incorporating eco-friendly practices and materials to minimize the ecological footprint.

Impact on Kerala’s Architectural Landscape

With projects across various cities in Kerala, Space Art BCA Architecture has left an indelible mark on the architectural landscape. Their designs, blending modernity with nature-inspired elements, have garnered acclaim for their aesthetic appeal and environmental sensitivity.

Towards a Sustainable Future

Space Art BCA Architecture continues its journey, aiming to create architectural marvels that resonate with nature’s simplicity. Their quest for sustainable design remains a beacon in the ever-evolving field of architecture.


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