Archohm – Architects in Delhi

Archohm stands as a beacon in the realm of architecture, offering a holistic spectrum of design services spanning architecture, urban design, interiors, and landscape design. Founded under the visionary leadership of Principal Architect Sourabh Gupta, the studio exudes innovation and creativity across diverse sectors and project scales.

Exploring Contextual and Climate-Responsive Architecture

At the core of Archohm’s philosophy is a quest to redefine contemporary Indian architecture. The studio’s approach revolves around creating designs that resonate with the essence of the Indian context, aligning seamlessly with the climate. The architecture crafted by Archohm speaks a language that echoes its surroundings, blending context and climate to produce spaces that evoke a sense of belonging and purpose.

The Art of Designing

Archohm’s design process is an intricate craft. It seamlessly integrates technology as a tool to enhance the creative process rather than dictate it. The team’s commitment to originality is evident in their exhaustive exploration of ideas. Multiple concepts are rigorously pursued to ensure that the chosen design is not just visually compelling but also holds a meaningful purpose, reflecting a strong rationale.

From Concept to Creation: Design, Detail, and Deliverance

The studio’s dedication to each project is reflected in its comprehensive approach. Design, detailing, and execution hold equal importance in the delivery of every project. Archohm emphasizes not just the creation of spaces but the meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the final outcome exceeds expectations.

Nurturing Design Consciousness

Archohm goes beyond conventional architectural practice. The studio actively engages in design appreciation and education, aiming to elevate the role of design in society. The establishment of their design institute, ‘The Design Village’ in 2014, stands as a testament to their commitment to spreading design awareness and fostering creativity within the community.


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