ABRD Architects – Architects in Delhi

Founded in 1996 and formally incorporated in 2000 by Rajesh Dongre and Anupam Bansal, ABRD Architects has cemented its position as a pioneer in conscious design. Their studio adheres to an evolutionary design approach, where solutions are born from local contexts and environmental responsiveness, all while maintaining economic viability. ABRD’s ethos revolves around creating built environments that foster holistic well-being.

Evolution to an Ideas-Driven Platform

As ABRD steps into the next phase of its journey, it’s transitioning from a personality-driven practice to an ideas-driven platform. With this renewed vision, the studio has rebranded to Atelier for Built-environment Research and Design. Embracing this transformation, ABRD now actively engages in collaborative projects and research endeavors aimed at forging innovative and sustainable design solutions.

Diverse Scope and Multidisciplinary Approach

ABRD Architects boasts a comprehensive scope of services covering architecture, urban planning, interiors, town planning, and landscape design. Their portfolio spans a diverse range of built projects including residential, commercial, institutional, hospitality, cultural, green buildings, and corporate spaces. The studio’s multidisciplinary approach ensures a holistic view of design, integrating various facets to create cohesive and purposeful environments.

Embracing Modernity with Contextual Sensitivity

Rooted in a modern design ethos, ABRD Architects places paramount importance on contextual relevance. Their designs harmonize contemporary aesthetics with local surroundings and natural elements, ensuring that each creation resonates with its environment while meeting the needs of its occupants.

Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

ABRD Architects has embarked on a journey to pioneer innovative and sustainable design solutions. The studio actively engages in research initiatives aimed at crafting environmentally conscious and forward-thinking designs. This commitment to sustainability reflects in their projects, where emphasis is placed on reducing environmental impact and maximizing efficiency.

Nationwide Impact and Transformative Designs

With a strong presence across India, ABRD Architects has left a significant impact on the architectural landscape. Their transformative designs span the nation, addressing diverse needs and contexts, and leaving a positive imprint on the built environment.


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