Anuj Mehta Architects – Architects in Delhi

Anuj Mehta Architects isn’t just an architectural firm; it’s a beacon of innovation and design brilliance. Established by Anuj Mehta, a seasoned architect trained at CEPT, Ahmedabad, this consultancy is committed to revolutionizing architectural landscapes across India and beyond. Over the past 25 years, the studio has carved a distinct niche, embracing a relentless pursuit of excellence.

A Legacy of Exceptional Projects

Dedicated to bridging the gap between national endeavors and international benchmarks, Anuj Mehta Architects has delivered a plethora of noteworthy projects. From iconic multistory residential buildings to sprawling townships, advanced healthcare facilities to cutting-edge engineering colleges, the firm’s repertoire showcases a diverse range of architectural accomplishments.

Setting Industry Standards

Recognized for their outstanding contributions, the firm holds an esteemed position, catering not only to corporate giants like Sony (India) Ltd., Axis Bank, and ICICI Lombard but also to individual clients and various institutions. Their empanelment in DDA’s Grade “A” category for projects exceeding Rs. 100 crores underscores their commitment to excellence.

Collaboration and Expertise

At the heart of their success lies a collaborative ethos. Anuj Mehta Architects operates with an interdisciplinary approach, fostering a synergy of ideas among seasoned consultants and architects. This collaborative spirit enables them to leverage the latest advancements in CAD and graphic software, ensuring that every project receives the utmost attention to detail.

Architectural Leadership and Academic Contributions

Anuj Mehta, the visionary behind the firm, brings not only decades of architectural expertise but also a commitment to nurturing future talent. As a visiting faculty member at prestigious institutions like SPA Delhi, Sushant School Gurgaon, and CRSCE Murthal, his influence extends beyond project realms, enriching architectural education and industry practices.

A Vision for Architectural Brilliance

Anuj Mehta Architects doesn’t just design structures; they create legacies. Their commitment to contextual designs, sustainability, and groundbreaking innovations serves as a testament to their vision for the future of architecture. By amalgamating technology, design, and nature, they craft spaces that transcend boundaries and redefine architectural paradigms.


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