Aishwarya Tipnis Architects – Architects in Delhi

Aishwarya Tipnis Architects (ATA) stands at the forefront of architectural preservation and urban regeneration, where each project is a testament to their commitment to preserving heritage while envisioning a sustainable future. Founded by the award-winning architect Aishwarya Tipnis, the studio specializes in architecture, urban design, conservation, and regeneration, focusing on monuments, havelis, forts, temples, institutions, museums, and entire colonial settlements across Delhi and neighboring states.

The Essence of Sustainability and Context

At the heart of ATA’s philosophy lies a sustainable and contextual approach to architectural interventions. Their work encapsulates a fusion of global design methodologies with an acute understanding of local contexts. Every project reflects a deep-rooted research-driven design philosophy, where even the minutest detail is meticulously documented and executed, ensuring the preservation of their vision with precision.

Collaborative Multidisciplinary Practice

ATA’s success lies in its multidisciplinary approach, weaving together the expertise of historians, geographers, graphic designers, engineers, and craftsmen. This collaborative effort results in comprehensive conservation plans, design interventions, and feasibility studies. The studio engages with projects of diverse scales, infusing each with a profound sense of heritage and cultural preservation.

Honoring Founder: Aishwarya Tipnis

The visionary behind ATA, Aishwarya Tipnis, is a luminary in the realm of architectural and urban conservation. Her accolades, including the prestigious Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres by the Government of France and UNESCO Awards for Heritage Conservation, testify to her unparalleled dedication to preserving cultural heritage. With over a decade of experience and numerous fellowships and awards, she embodies expertise, passion, and commitment to the field.

Designing a Sustainable Legacy

Aishwarya Tipnis Architects isn’t just about architecture; it’s about crafting a sustainable legacy that honors the past while designing the future. Their projects reflect a blend of innovative design, meticulous preservation, and a deep-seated commitment to conserving heritage. Aishwarya Tipnis’s leadership and the studio’s collaborative spirit continue to shape architectural landscapes that resonate with a sense of history, culture, and sustainable design.



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