Apartment No. 05 is a four story residential building with four functional units and a car park in the basement located in Shiraz, Iran; formed in the urban context in regard to the criteria and regulations of the municipality. So that an attempt was made in this project to provide freshness and liveliness to its residents despite all the limitations.

Project Name: Apartment No. 05
Office Name: Shaaroffice
Office Website: www.shaaroffice.com
Firm Location: Shiraz, Iran
Completion Year: 2022
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 1600 m2
Project location: Shiraz, Iran
Program: 4 story residential apartment include 4 units
Lead Architects: Ahmad Ghodsimanesh
Client: Najmehsadat Shariatmadari
Photo Credits: Navid Atrvash

Apartment No. 05 by Shaaroffice - Sheet4
©Navid Atrvash

To approaching an economic project as the owner demands to be, inspiring by nature; the guiding principle of the project was bringing natural tones and having more light, air, view, feelings and vegetation. This means a reduction in terms of air heating and cooling and also artificial lighting requirements, resulting in extremely low energy costs for the owner and of course for the planet. And from the other side, design has incorporated economic and warm materials such as brick and wood which led us to a culture-base architecture.

Apartment No. 05 by Shaaroffice - Sheet7
©Navid Atrvash

On the entering the building, you are greeted by a green yard and the housing units investigate new nonfigurative possibilities of living, which allow their adaptability and contemporaneity such as improving flows between the large integrated unite that includes main salon, TV room, kitchen, dining room, four bedrooms and their own terraces.

Apartment No. 05 by Shaaroffice - Sheet9
©Navid Atrvash

The façade is composed of two terraces with different widths which allow regulating the gradients of luminosity and opacity in relation to the exterior and movable wooden shades have the purpose of controlling privacy. Sliding panels made of wooden slats, not only provide an ever-changing image of the building on the outside, they also act as a solar filter to create stunning effects of changing light and shade and enable the user to control the amount of sunlight that flows into the interior spaces.


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