‘Hot Sauce’ Bar and restaurant has its sister connections back to QT Melbourne. As a location it is linked to QT Wellington NZ, formed within the existing hotel car park and taking the place of ‘parked cars’ !

Project Name: QT Wellington Hot Sauce
Studio Name: Indyk Architects
Completion date: 2018
Building levels: 1
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Photography: Brett Boardman

 QT Wellington HOT SAUCE by Indyk Architects - Sheet1
Bar ©Brett Boardman

‘Hot Sauce’ surprises and intrigues, while at the same time welcomes its guests to inhabit the different spaces within-to drink eat and be merry!. The colours initiate from the original QT ‘Hot Sauce’ branding.

 QT Wellington HOT SAUCE by Indyk Architects - Sheet2
Outdoor Seating ©Brett Boardman

The constraints were to work within the existing heights of the carpark and create an acoustic environment, so as not to disturb guests in the rooms above and create a safe earthquake proof built form.

 QT Wellington HOT SAUCE by Indyk Architects - Sheet3
Washroom ©Brett Boardman

Indyk Architects conceived of an overall ceiling light feature -so as to create a ‘monolithic effect’ overhead, concealing services and acoustic insulation .The ‘dumpling steamer’ was an obvious Asian element. But the possibilities of dappled and patterned light falling through the steamers has created a unique atmosphere. Indyk Architects detailed all architecture and interior fitout for this project.


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