A 11 | Saka

This split level home for a single young professional is a rooftop apartment located within a densely packed middle income housing community in Delhi. Spread over four levels, it accommodates an open plan living, dining, kitchen, powder room and store at the entrance level. The guest bedroom suite is situated at the mezzanine level leading to the master suite and study lounge on the upper floor. The highlight of the home is a rooftop terrace that overlooks the Jahapanah forest.

First Award | DAF 2016 Awards

Category: Residential Interior (Built)

Participant  Name: Swanzal Kapoor

Team Members:  Eshani Khandpur

Country: India

A 11 (1)
A 11 (1)

Creating a cost effective and high quality home within a budget was a challenge with this came the realisation that redesigning openings to expand the quality of light and views,sensitive material texturing, an unusual colour palette and dissolving boundaries between spaces transformed the quality of the spatial experience at a minimal cost. The original layout plan was modified to relocate the kitchen and add an open coffee counter connecting to the dining nook, create fluid overlapping spaces that overlook the forest. This relationship of home and forest is also evident in the guest bedroom where a window alcove was created for the bed. The master bedroom is a introverted private zone rendered in a pallete of salmon, grey, Ivory and copper.

A 11 (2)
A 11 (2)

This home has a predominant youthful energy that emerges out of the freshness of the palette and the play of materials, colours and forms. It employs colour and pattern in an almost graphic way and retains both a vitality and dynamic quality as well as a relaxed charm: an interesting duality. Simple elements like painted brick walls,quirky wallpaper used on furniture,and laminated flooring are animated by light and the forest views beyond to create a home that is an ode to whimsy.

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