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For over eight years, RTF has been a leading organization providing an international platform not only to recognize and acknowledge design talents from all over the world but also to celebrate and share the knowledge created through a plethora of awards, events and academic dialogues in the fields of Architecture & Design.

With entries from 40+ countries in RTF Awards every year, we’ve received participation from World-renowned firms including Bjarke Ingels Group & Dialog, Perkins Eastman, Page, RTKL, AHR, Aecom, Henning Larsen, CAZA, DLR Group, Behnisch Architekten, UNstudio, HOK, Gensler, HKA, LMN Architects, LAN Architecture, WOW Architects, EYP Inc.

Over the last few years, Rethinking The Future has established itself as a global brand, built a community of 50k+ Rethinkers on Instagram and has become a hub of Architectural Journalism.

Introducing Workshop on

Communicating Architecture

Learn how to use communication in Architecture and how to make a career in Architectural Journalism, a written and digital documentation of Architecture.

The last few decades have seen a rapid shift from traditional industry to an economy primarily based upon information technology. We see new technological innovations every day, and the development doesn’t intend to stop anytime soon. It has become crucial for any architect to not only publish his projects on this globally accessible world wide web, but also present them in an aesthetically attractive and professional, written and digital documentation. 

In the practical world, communicating your design contributes to the success of a project as much as design does. Today the use of social media and the internet have become a platform for branding and giving recognition to an architects work globally. The importance of communication between architects and the public is evident due to the falling ethics in architecture. The lack of architectural fraternity in the media pushes us into the dark, and this lack of information about the hard work and effort going behind a project and about the project itself is caused by poor communication. 

With increasing awareness, institutions associated with the Architecture discipline have realized the value of communication in architecture. And additionally, Communication in architecture is an upcoming career option, diverting from the multitude of architects who practice architecture.

This workshop aims to educate architecture students and architects about the relevance, emerging need and types in Architectural Communications and Architectural Journalism, and how you can either use it for your Firm or form a career in this professional field.

Description of Workshop

COMMUNICATING ARCHITECTURE  is a day-long intensive workshop organized by the core team behind RTF,  with the objective of helping Architects realize that Communication in Architecture Matters.

The workshop revolves around Architectural Communication and Architectural Journalism as important tools and career options for architects. 

The course of this workshop will involve a detailed discussion on Communication in Architecture, Informative short lectures about the variety of skill and work required in the field, and interactive activities for you to explore the profession further. 


By the end of the workshop, you will learn:

  • About Architectural Journalism as a Profession.
  • About Architectural Communications as a Profession
  • Why Communications is an indispensable aspect of a successful design firm
  • Types of Architectural writing and how to write them.
  • Specifics of Verbal Communication in Architecture
  • Practice public and private communication skills
  • Learn how to make a legitimate career out of communication in Architecture
  • How to weave a compelling story behind your projects
  • A certificate to validation from RTF


Date of workshop: 01 Feb 2020 | Saturday

Time: 10:30 AM – 05:30 PM


Innov8 CP,
Regal Building, 69,
Connaught Place,
New Delhi, 110001

Registration Fee

Regular Registration Fee (up to 24 Jan 20):
1,999 INR/person 1,199 INR / person

Late Registration Fee (25th Jan to 30th Jan 20 ):
1,999 INR / person

Note: Limited Seats only. Don’t wait till the end, Registrations will be over as soon as the Seats are filled.

Who should attend

You will get the most out of the Workshop if

  • Young architect looking for career options related to Architectural Journalism / Communications.
  • Students who want to benefit from good communication skills in architecture.
  • You are a Principal Architect / Senior Architect / Design Head / Senior Designer at an Architecture / Design firm looking to present their projects in a professional and attractive manner.


Vikas Pawar

Founder, Rethinking The Future

Vikas Pawar is an Architect and Urban Designer, an alumnus of School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi. He has been a speaker at TEDx Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Kolkata and TEDx PEC, Chandigarh where he talked about the Future of Architecture.

He’s the founder of global Architectural Platform ‘Rethinking The Future’ which is known in the fraternity for its Annual Awards and Architectural Journalism, where a team of more than 40 people writes about the various urban and architectural issues with a readership from more than 100 countries. He’s also the founder of Delhi Architecture Festival which is now shaping into India Architecture Festival this year. He’s also curated the Exhibition on Journey of Indian Architecture in the past 100 years which exhibited in Mumbai, Agra, Jaipur and Delhi. He’s been involved in various architectural events/ exhibitions/ workshops pan India and his contribution to the field has been awarded by the Indian Institute of Architects on the centenary year celebration.

His architectural work has a good reflection of climate responsive designs. He has been involved in the master planning of IIT Gandhinagar. His work Eco Skyscraper has been exhibited at Florence World Festival, India’s First Habitat Forum and Arcasia -Asia’s largest architectural conference and hundreds of digital platforms across the globe.

Himanshu Kalra

Content Strategist, Rethinking The Future

Himanshu Kalra is an Architect / Writer who has been a guide of over a hundred Architecture students and professionals in finding their voice and becoming independent thinkers as Architectural Journalists.

At RTF, Himanshu is responsible for directly engaging with the writers and making sure that the what is published is relevant and useful to the Architecture community. A visionary and strategist, Himanshu ensures that RTF is always working at the edge of its potential and keeping an eye out for opportunities to serve and grow.

After working as an Architect on a range of projects from low-cost housing to experimental cafes and high-end residential interiors, the obvious gaps of knowledge (between school and practice, client and architect) led him to move to Architectural Journalism to bridge those gaps and make Architecture a part of mainstream discussion.

Bineeta Ghoshal

Communications Director, Embassy of Media

Bineeta Ghoshal is architectural journalist and the communications director at the Embassy of Media, an RTF Initiative, in Delhi. An architect by education, Bineeta has an immaculate interest in the genre of architectural journalism, aiming to impart the residents of the world with creative and unknown facets of the enveloping built environment.

Being a resident of the country where this aspect of architectural writing has not yet achieved its epitome and is struggling to be considered as a mainstream profession, she desires to reach out to the grass-root levels and establish this as a validated option in the prodigious panorama called ‘Architecture’. She has worked with different architectural firms, gaining hands-on experience of the journey from a concept on paper to its constructive implementation. Ar. Bineeta is also a country reporter for World Architecture Organization and has also been a content writer for both architectural and travel portals, owing to her interest in the urban and traditional facades that parade their stalwarts across the globe.

Need for Architectural Communication & Journalism

Architects have a strategic role to play in society and the way it runs. But unfortunately there is very little communication in between the two. 

Opening up the architecture clique to the world will ensure design inputs from the users; allowing user centric and context centric architecture to bloom, and positive criticism allowing architects to learn from their mistakes and innovate.

Architectural communications is the verbal aspect of communicating in architecture. Communication is a tool for strategizing, connecting and building a good network, not just with other architects but also the vast majority of people who are involved with architecture on a daily basis, the people. It helps in building a brand out of an architectural firm. 

Architectural journalism is the written and digital documentation of architecture. It includes exchange of design ideas, conveying the theory of a design and the conceptualisation of any project from thought to completion. Written communication stays on for an eternity, to be admired and criticized at any point of time. 

Together, Communication is vital to portray architecture in a good and informative light. It is the language of architecture, lost amongst architects.