Angers is a city in western France, southwest of Paris. Angers was a major stronghold in northwestern France for centuries. During the reign of René of Anjou, it was the cradle of the Plantagenet dynasty and one of Europe’s intellectual capitals. Angers is known for its plant expertise: Végépolys is Europe’s foremost horticultural competitiveness cluster, and the city is also home to the Community Plant Variety Office’s headquarters. Furthermore, the Angers metropolitan area is a key economic hub in western France, with a focus on manufacturing and tourism.

Re-thinking The Future is a global platform for architecture and design. RTF along with our authors has curated a list of top architecture firms in various cities across the globe. Please note that the names are arranged in alphabetical order and are not ranked in any manner.

Architecture D Studio

Scope of work:  Rental housing,Rehabilitation,Individual dwellings,Extensions,Health and Social, Town Arrangement.
Locations of Built Projects: Majority of their projects are built across various in and around Angers.
Style of work: New technology work that deals with contemporary and sustainability.

Part of the sustainable development approach, the studio believes architecture is contextual. It results from the interpretation of historical, social, urban, cultural and economic complexities. It is a question of understanding the paths that formed the landscape.

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Pascale Minier Architects

Scope of work: Architecture
Type of built projects: Extension, Rehabilitation, Renovation, Interior Design
Style of work: Modern contemporary

The agency’s philosophy is rooted in the desire to create “sensitive” spaces.The architect integrates the project into the environment with its topography, composes with the landscape, respects the scale of the place and magnifies the qualities of the site, without forgetting to ensure the planning rules, the specifications costs, planning and budget.

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MJH Architecture and Project Management 

Scope of work: Architecture
Location of the projects: Angers
Type of built projects: Home construction, Home renovation, House extension, Professional and communities
Style of work: Simple, elegant, and sophisticated work.

Respect for the environment is of course an integral part of our building designs and our work philosophy.

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Scope of work: Architecture
Types of Built Projects: The construction of detached houses, renovating or extending home, Real estate development.
Locations of Built Projects: Work in the Maine et Loire sectors (Angers, Saumur, Cholet, Segré), Loire Atlantique (Nantes, Ancenis), Mayenne (Laval, Château-Gontier) and Sarthe (Sablé-sur-Sarthe).
Style of work: Modern architecture

The firm believes in practicing simple, elegant designs that suit their client in both aesthetics and functionality. 

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L’étoffe du lieu – Architecte d’intérieur, Décorateur et Feng Shui à Angers

Scope of services: Consulting agency in interior architecture, decoration and feng shui in Angers.
Location of the projects: Angers
Style of work: Modern, vintage, and contemporary architecture and design

The firm offers personalized, rejuvenating atmospheres. They use the association of colors, light, materials and coatings in order to give a feel good experience. In addition, their passion for architecture, volume and lighting has always been a parallel activity.

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Inov Décor

Scope of services: Renovation
Types of Built Projects: Rehabilitation of a building, Interior and exterior restoration.
Location: Angers
Style of work: Contemporary architecture

Inov Décor designs are very contemporary and highly bespoke. They aim to create meaningful, engaging spaces that are respectful to the surrounding built and natural environments.

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Guillaume Sevin Paysages

Scope of services: Landscaping, Project management
Types of Built Projects: Landscaping, urban renewal, parks, gardens, residence
Locations of Built Projects: Majority of their projects are built across France especially at Angers and Nantes.
Style of work: Simple elegant work

Achievement: Winning project (May 2021) Project management for the exterior and landscaping of a sports complex hall in Amblainville.

Engage in reflections and actions on each of our following an approach integrating a geographic, climatic, human and technical dimension, in constant listening to stakeholders. We pay particular attention to uses, practices and conditions of sustainability.

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Edifices Architectes

Scope of services: Architects association
Location: Angers
Types of Built Projects: Educational, Landscaping, Interior, Health and Social Sector Building, Housing, Office, Tertiary And Industrial Buildings,

The association consists of Edifices Architects, Samuel De Bourgues and Roland Korenbaum, Associate Architects Angers, HQE architects.All our projects have as a goal the transformation of a place to make people live there among themselves in harmony with the environment. Their global and transversal pragmatic approach addresses the 14 targets of eco-construction, eco-management, comfort and health from the first sketches. They adapt to the level of requirement of the Owner on the basis of an “environmental profile” prioritizing the targets.

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Avenir Renovations Angers

Types of Built Projects: Exterior renovation, renovation, bathroom renovation and energy renovation.
Location: Angers

Their practice is one that involves boundary-pushing processes, with sustainability, creativity, and technology remaining key features throughout all their works of architecture.

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Scope of services: Landscaping
Location: Angers
Types of Works: pedestrian walkways, elaborates decorative massifs of garden entrance and terraces.

They also carries out the pool surroundings, sodding and remotely controlled lighting.

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