When we think about Architecture in Sweden, there is only one thing that comes to mind – its landscape – the snow, the tall pine trees, and archipelagos. And yes, going and living there of course! One always has a dream of living in a small house in the snowy landscape of Sweden, or building one! And yes, there are those tiny-looking cabins built in the landscape, with only trees around, which is a retreat for the eyes. But they are not all over Sweden of course! These houses are in their most refined and most contemporary form, all in terms of aesthetics, spaces, and materials, looking at a vast history of architecture of Sweden and Stockholm. In the 17th and 18th-century architects from different countries were called to build the architecture of the city. The city, or the country, in general, saw the rise of various architectural styles predominant to the era, from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism and Empire style, Revival style, to Modern and Postmodern. The Swedes took their inspirations mainly from Europe.
The post-modern style bought with it the freedom to experiment with forms, materials, and scales. Today many architects in Stockholm take the opportunity to express their freedom to build for the people, and create a sustainable society in Stockholm and all of Sweden, yet also honoring the traditional style of architecture that made the city.

Re-thinking The Future is a global platform for architecture and design. RTF along with our authors has curated a list of top architecture firms in various cities across the globe. Please note that the names are arranged in alphabetical order and are not ranked in any manner.

AIX | Architects in Stockholm

Scope of services: Architecture, Interior Design, Urban design, Restoration
Types of Built Projects: Offices, Industries, Trade, Hotels, Schools/ Universities, Nursing rooms/ Labs, Cultural/ Sports centers, Churches, Lighting Design
Locations of Built Projects: Sweden, Norway
Style of work: Merging sustainability principles with historical knowledge to design
Website: aix.se

AIX begun in 2001 with various firms merged into one. The firm, therefore, has a number of experts apart from architects and interior designers, like theatre consultants, lighting designers, building antiquarians, as well as expertise in urban planning, cultural-historical buildings, and the environment. The company is one of the foremost in the urban construction, and remodeling, and restoration sector. Many of their projects have won various environmental certifications.


Planning for Solna Business Park, Sweden aix.se


Scope of services: Architecture, Interior Design
Types of Built Projects: Residential, Offices, Trade, Hotels
Locations of Built Projects: Sweden, Serbia, England, Spain and Morocco
Style of work: Project based
Website: a-arkitekter.se

A-Architects is a small office having varied experience in designing houses, offices, industrial and commercial spaces, and renovation of the antiquarian sensitive environment. They have their projects in many countries apart from Sweden. They blend the historical aspect of the projects with modernism and the client’s need.


Origins Hotels aarkitekter.se

Andreas Martin-Lof Arkitekter

Scope of services: Architecture, Interior Design, Refurbishment, Product & Lighting Design
Types of Built Projects: Residential, Restaurants, Masterplan
Locations of Built Projects: Sweden, Norway, London
Style of work: Deliver quality buildings and interiors having a character that can be loved.
Website: martinlof.se

The firm is driven by the belief that architecture is the engine for the progress of the people and society. They have been winners in various architecture-related programs and have also exhibited their projects in design fairs. Their approach is exploring the gap between man and space, past and future, hand and machine, and function and feeling.

Vastberga Affordable Housing, Stockholm martinlof.se

Archus | Architects in Stockholm

Scope of services: Architecture, Interior Design, Urban development, Project Management, Business Development
Types of Built Projects: Housing, Community areas, Offices, Industry and Logistics, Hotel, Landscape
Locations of Built Projects: Sweden
Style of work: Functional and Sustainable
Website: archus.se 

Archus was found in 1986 with the aim to develop projects that change the living environment for the people. They design mainly housing, school, shopping malls, hotels, and infrastructure by believing in the philosophy that tomorrow’s society needs to develop with these basic amenities. Taking this ahead, they also take a holistic approach towards building a sustainable project. 

Restaurant Yum Yum archus.se

Arkitektstudio Widjedal Racki

Scope of services: Architecture
Types of Built Projects: Houses
Locations of Built Projects: Sweden, Norway, Ukraine
Style of work: Contemporary
Website: wrark.se

The firm majorly designs private houses in Sweden and other countries. Through these designs and projects, they constantly explore the design in terms of functional, visual, and thematic aspects. By choosing the site in a natural environment, they are always trying to blur the boundaries between the built and the surrounding nature. Their project – Summer House Trosa, has received first prize in the Swedish Wood Award. They have also taken part in competitions and exhibitions related to houses.

Summer House Trosa Stockholm pinterest.com


Scope of services: Architecture, Urban Design, Infrastructure, BIM
Types of Built Projects: Residential, Offices, Cultural spaces, Training, Care, Hotel
Locations of Built Projects: Sweden, Denmark, Norway
Style of work: Sustainable, functional, stylish
Website: arkitema.com/se

Arkitema works in Scandinavian countries to create and develop Scandinavian cities of the future. Their projects include student housing in Denmark, especially in the Copenhagen area, hospitals, houses, and environmental spaces. The firm has also designed a project where a former airport area in Oslo has been transformed into a new district, focusing on sustainability and vibrant local environments.

Hotel Ottilia, Denmark arkitema.comse

Arrhov Frick 

Scope of services: Architecture, Interior Design, Refurbishment
Types of Built Projects: Houses, Interior Design, Mixed-use-Housing, Commercial, Public Architecture, Hotels, Offices, Refurbishment,
Locations of Built Projects: Sweden, London, Berlin
Style of work: Creates architecture that makes life better for people, and that is simple to construct and maintain.
Website: arrhovfrick.se

Johan Arrhov and Henrik Frick established Arrhov Frick in 2010, intending to encourage sustainability and longevity in the building industry. Arrhov Frick was elected as the ‘Architect of the year’ in 2018 by Residence magazine. A monographic issue was also published on them by 2G International Architectural Magazine – the first Architectural Nordic office. Frick lectures and teaches all over the world.

Atelier Lapidus Private House, Sweden Mikael Olsson

Aron Heinenmann Arkitektkontor | Architects in Stockholm

Scope of services: Interior Design
Types of Built Projects: Residential, Offices, Restaurant
Locations of Built Projects: Sweden
Style of work: Aesthetics
Website: aronheinemann.se

Aron Heinenmann Arkitektkontor has extensive experience in the interior design of houses, offices, shops, restaurants, and remodeling of villas. Few of their projects are Björno Båthus, Villa Vesslunda, Villa Stalin, Stockholm Möbelmässa, etc.

Bjorno Bathus aronheinemann.se

Asante Architecture & Design 

Scope of services: Architecture
Types of Built Projects: Houses, Hotels Offices, Sports Center, Children’s Center, Farm
Locations of Built Projects: Sweden, Norway, India, Tanzania
Style of work: Sustainability
Website: asante.se

Asante, the name, means ‘Thank you’ in Swahili. The name is so because of the first project of children’s center for Econef which is an organization in Tanzania, designed by the firm. Asante Architecture & Design creates projects that are sustainable for the current environmental and cultural conditions. The firm focuses on authentic materials that are also durable and environmentally friendly.

Econef Childrens Center, Tanzania asantese

Åwl architects

Scope of services: Architecture, Interior Design, Urban planning, Landscape, Competitions
Types of Built Projects: Housing, Community areas, Commercial, Landscape
Locations of Built Projects: Sweden
Style of work: Sustainable and innovative
Website: awlark.se

Åwl architects have their firm in two places in Sweden- Stockholm, and Norrköping and work all over Sweden. The team consists of landscape architects too, apart from architects, who provide the best solution for nature, people, and society. The firm has also worked in competitions on a wide variety of projects. 

Isafjordsparken, landscape awlark.se

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Pranjali is a passionate artist and an architect who loves to blend her designs with nature. She designs meticulously and is always exploring the impact of architectural spaces on user's mind and body. You will find her lost in travelling, daydreams, books, and also on mountain trails.

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