In recent years, the market demand for indoor inflatable park entertainment venues has risen. Owing largely to the success of start-ups and innovative entrepreneurship, this day out has taken center stage as a family favorite, and it’s not difficult to see why. They provide joy for all ages, and it is a wonderful way to burn off some energy as a family for a whole afternoon, not to mention the potential for a great birthday party too. If you are thinking of starting one up, here is everything you need to know to make your park stand out and meet all the expected standards.

Secure a Reliable Equipment Partnership

Arguably, the biggest appeal of these indoor inflatable arenas is what the venue holds for people visiting. Therefore, putting energy into securing a dependable commercial indoor playground equipment supplier is non-negotiable, and something that will really boost your initial reviews and reputation. Equipment has to be safe, strong, and well-maintained in order to help people have an exciting time on your premises. Therefore, creating a great relationship with a reputable supplier is something to strive for, and get right as soon as possible.

Find a Suitable Location

Location is everything when it comes to entertainment venues, especially ones that are tailored towards families and young people or bigger crowds. There has to be a great parking lot that you can maintain to a high standard, accessible points of entry for a range of disabilities, and enough room inside to cater for the masses. If these things are executed without a hitch, there is far more scope for drawing in the crowds.

Create a Top-Tier Marketing Plan

Inflatable parks more or less sell themselves; however, that does not negate the need for a strong marketing strategy. Create a marketing plan that considers every aspect of the industry from creating leads to retaining customers and ensuring everyone knows who you are and what you can offer. Take professional pictures, set up a brilliant website, and focus on all the ways to make your brand stand out. One way to boost this is through offering a range of promotions or offers to new customers. Discounts are a brilliant way to get people through the door, and they are so easy to implement.

Make Sure You’ve Considered the Legal Bits

Don’t forget to check in with the local business authority to ensure that you have all the correct permits to set up as an inflatable park. There are lots of health and safety regulations that require action, and this will only hold up your opening if you neglect to do so.

Sourcing Employees

The last point is about finding suitable employees to help you create a memorable first impression on your customers. There is always going to be some trial and error here, but the key thing is to verify references, ensure everyone is cleared to work with children and is legally in the country, and that they have gone through the right training.

Designing a successful inflatable park means figuring out what works vs what doesn’t. Engaging customers is a crucial part of a great opening day, but it is the bigger picture that needs the most nurture.


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