The kitchen is one of the most significant spaces in your house. You’ll spend a lot of time cooking, enjoying a meal and cleaning. On average, you’ll be spending around 37 minutes of your time here. If you need to take care of other chores or work, you’ll want to spend less time in the kitchen.

To optimize your time in the kitchen, you’ll need to ensure that your utensils, ingredients, and condiments are within reach. Having accessibility is more challenging than it sounds, as kitchen space is valuable, and you may be trading off ease of access for storage.

If you’re having this problem, a Modular Kitchen might be what you’re looking for. A modular kitchen uses gadgets and organizers to ensure you’ll have no waste kitchen space. Keep reading if you’re interested in the space savings that modular kitchens give.

If not horizontal, vertical.

You may look at your kitchen now and wonder how you can optimize this space. After all, it’s always easier to have your ingredients either on your countertop or lower cabinets. If you want to use all your capacity, you’ll need to start using the very tops of your cupboards.

One way to use all your vertical space is using a pull-down shelf. While your items are in storage, they safely stay behind your cabinets. Once you need to reach for something, you pull down on the handle, and all your items become available. Not only are your items accessible for you, but they also become accessible to anyone who has trouble reaching high places.

Brilliant Engineering at Work

A space you might dread using in your kitchen is blind corner cabinets. Blind corners are spaces where two cabinets meet. As such, they are harder to use as it gets harder to reach in corners, especially if you have deep cabinets.

Modern engineering has devised several solutions to this problem using tried and tested techniques. The D-shaped carousel is one of these solutions. Your cabinets can still close normally and have the appearance of being unmodified. The difference is that you can rotate this device where your cookware may be stored and quickly access all of them. Gone are the days of having to reach into cabinets and hope you grabbed what you were looking for.

You may also have problems with electrical lines or water valves taking up precious space. In this case, you may want to get drywall access panels. Get more of your precious kitchen space back by tucking away your utilities behind the wall.

Optimizing Drawer Space

While you may have drawers in your kitchen now, are you using 100 percent of the space available? Most likely, the answer to this is no, as it’s hard to stuff all your utensils into a single drawer and still hope to find your favorite spoon. Drawer Organizers help you use all of your drawer space while keeping your utensils organized.

These organizers come in all shapes and sizes for various forms of kitchen utensils. One of the most common is plastic holders that stack your flatware vertically. Compartments come standard with these organizers, meaning all your spoons, forks, and knives are visible and within reach.


There are several challenges when trying to optimize the space you have to fit the items you want while still being able to reach for them. Countless other options are also available to you apart from those discussed above.

The key takeaway here is that modular kitchens offer tremendous flexibility. So take your time and be creative in planning the dream kitchen you always wanted to have. You’ll be reaping the benefits and working with a kitchen you can enjoy.


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