To elevate your online business and increase traffic to your website to boost profits, search engine optimisation (SEO) is a pivotal strategy. Search engine optimisation helps make your website visible to potential customers and helps you sit high in the list of search results. What are the steps to take as you embark on search engine optimisation? Let’s get started.

Gaining Insight into Search Engine Optimisation

Known in digital circles as simply SEO, search engine optimisation is a series of well-planned processes to drive traffic to your site. It’s quite cyclical in the way it works. When your site is more visible to people in search engines such as Google, more and more traffic comes to your website, then your page ranking authority becomes even higher and stronger. There are some basic key strategies that digital agencies or your in-house technical team can employ for you to get started on your SEO tactics and begin to advance your business. 

5 of the Best SEO Tactics to Get Started

  • Optimise for Google RankBrain. How does it work? Well, it is actually quite brainy, just like its title it notices that lots of people are clicking through to your site. When your site is getting more organic clicks, then our largest search engine in the world, Google, is very pleased. Therefore, it will start to push your rank higher so more people can discover your high quality content.
  • Start to use long-tail keywords. So, what are long-tail keywords as opposed to traditional keywords? Well, it just means that you’ll get more traction with these types of keywords, as they are essentially sitting at a lower search volume currently, and also they have less competition amongst other websites. Long-tail keywords are often a little longer too, say three-to-four words. For example, a long-tail keyword for a beauty salon might be ‘best Brazilian waxing for summer’ rather than ‘Brazilians’, which is more generic and much more competitive.
  • Backlinks. Backlinks are the bread and butter of elevated SEO. They are when viewers click through a link on another website, which leads them back to you. They not only drive traffic, but they have loads of benefits, including making your site more popular, reputable and finally leveraging your rank in Google’s eyes. And a higher PageRank equals more traffic, and more conversions.
  • Shareable content that’s optimised. Linkable assets are another great tactic in search engine optimisation. Perhaps your business has some timely research or data that might be useful to news corporations. Or you might have an interesting infographic that explains something tangible, such as how to start your own photography business from scratch. Quality content that offers value to viewers can be peppered with rich SEO in meta tags, well-placed relevant keywords and eye-catching visuals with SEO-rich file names. These linkable assets can send traffic back to your site, create more backlinks and boost your business even further. 

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