In a world full of standardised homes, Another Human articulately breaks the chains of normalcy. Another Human treats each design as a work of art, generating flamboyant work that leaves a lasting impression.

Here is the list of 10 Projects by Another Human:


The company goes above and beyond the conventional child’s room design to come up with something entirely new.

Besides simply adding a color scheme and kid’s furniture, Another Human playfully distorts elements of the room.

The table light and frame on the wall have an upbeat persona, seen in their forms, that gels well with the paradigm of a kid’s room. The distorted visual graphic of the flooring is an intuitive component that captures the imagination of the viewer.

Besides engaging the senses, curves are the common theme in the furniture and lighting. These curves are immaculately organized by the designer, as the kid’s room bears a strict visual symmetry.


Another Human’s Water Bathroom superlatively mimics a tropical scenery.

The walls and floor continually depict the ocean’s texture, while the ceiling is painted with bright lime green, transporting any individual to a tropical beach.

The soft shades of green and brown are brought to life by ambient lighting. With a thematic color palette, each of the bathroom’s fittings has a sleek matte finish, staying true to the typology of a lavish bathroom.


The ATWATER VILLAGE design can only be described as a montage of dynamism. With almost cluttered spaces, Another Human relies on outrageous forms to sit side by side with conventional ones to create drama. The misfitting elements challenge people to find order amongst the chaos.

A clear example of the theme can be seen in the planters. One of the pots is designed in a tubular way while the other is a plain one. They are each placed at a different level on pedestals that bear no resemblance.

These contradictions together highlight the intention of the design. A design that leaves people amazed and confused at the same time.


The recording studio has a rustic earthy theme that bears a striking contrast with Los Angeles’ modern and contemporary designs. Complete with modern furniture, this project aims to harmonize the new with the old. In order to attain a visual balance, the recording equipment becomes an active part of the design.

Natural light and wood are used in cohesion to emphasize the space and equipment. Consequently, the equipment becomes an active part of the design, highlighting its function.


Intro La is an abstract exhibition that uses loud colors and complicated details. Another Human intends to redefine our overall perception of space by adding conceptual yet functional elements.

The firm shows off how dissimilar materials like steel bars, stones, and fabrics can be cohesively used to create a truly unique space.

Rather than simple contrast, the composition of steel tables, painted stones, and a sumptuous chair is a visionary leap to imagining the unimaginable.


The Vulture Fest is an example of a monochromatic color scheme being used to give a rich and graceful output. This set design uses fluid furniture and showpieces along with multiple shades of blue to develop a theme of its own.

The slender seats have a distinct style that is connected to the rest of the set by its color; the furry carpet and with its own shade of blue binds all the elements of the set.

Primarily depicting a home, the set is designed to be a classy, yet homely for the show.


The mirrors use robust stones and their affluent texture to its fullest. The mirror itself originates like minaret from the stone.

An art installation that resembles a sort of storage depicts neutrality through its finish while exuding elegance.

A composition of cushions is used with lustrous fabric to yet again, show an elegant design without much complication.


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