Empordá Golf, a golf resort and club on Spain’s Costa Brava has just reopened. Barcelona’s Lagranja Design studio has converted the hotel into a stylish destination that puts it into local context, highlights its beautiful location, and draws from the abundant craftsmanship in the region.

Project Name: Hotel Empordà Golf Club
Studio Name: Lagranja Design
Design Team: Gabriele Schiavon, Maria Berges, Laura Blanch, Marilo Vila, Edu Vila.
Area: 5003 m2
Year: 2020
Location: Girona, Spain
Consultants: —-
Photography Credits: Lagranja Design
Other Credits:
Illustrators, Emiliano Ponzi
 Illustrators, Ricardo Jorge
Ceramist, Matilde Grau

Hotel Empordà Golf Club By Lagranja Design - Sheet6
©Lagranja Design

Golf Empordá, a work of the renowned Catalan architect Carlos Ferrater, is 4* hotel that forms part of a premium golf destination. Set in the beautiful landscape of the Costa Brava, the resort has splendid views of theMediterraneanSea and hills, which members can take in while putting around two 18-hole golf courses. Lagranja Design’s aim was to celebrate the uniquely social side of the game and golf, and make the modern, compact building as welcoming, comfortable and timeless as the Costa Brava itself.


Lagranja Design took inspiration from the vernacular architecture of the Costa Brava

– known as ‘Catalan Rationalism’ – to ‘open out’ the public areas of the hotel and create spatial flow without losing a sense of intimacy – an important consideration in the era of ‘social distancing.’ A ramp was removed; visually connecting the interior of the hotel to the greens of the golf course. The split-level public area, hosting a reception and bar, lounge, and breakfast facilities, were reorganized around large- scale elements (a fireplace, oversized pot plants) and woven comfortably together, creating warm ‘spaces within spaces’ for conversation and socialising.

Hotel Empordà Golf Club By Lagranja Design - Sheet8
©Lagranja Design


Crafted in ateliers of the region, clay appears in many forms in the hotel, from oversized urns (the largest seemingly ‘supporting’ the staircase the mezzanine) lampshades, tiled conversation nooks and the bar itself. Basket ware and textile weaving is another visual code, on the surface of modular table supports, natural rugs, and lighting; with simple basket-shaped hanging and standing lamps emitting a soft illumination. Natural wood, subdued turquoises, greys and greens and gentle organic forms compose a sensitive, comforting décor that effortlessly fuses functional rationalism with modern Mediterranean flair.


Lagranja Design’s philosophy is to create exclusive, bespoke pieces of furniture and decor for each project, instilling it with a singular identity and competitive edge based on the values of thoughtful design.

Lagranja Design invited two well-known illustrators – Emiliano Ponzi and Ricard Jorge

  • to create a visual theme for the hotel; images that recall posters from the golden age of travel and celebrate the game of golf itself. These have been hung, in various sizes, in the common areas of the hotel and the rooms, creating a strong brand
Hotel Empordà Golf Club By Lagranja Design - Sheet12
©Lagranja Design

identity that communicates the hotel’s revived spirit and purpose. This message hits ahigh note in a 6 by 6 meter ‘live’ mural made of local clay. Conceived by Lagranja and artist Matilde Grau, members of the hotel’s golfing club were asked to put their ball against its surface while it was still wet, creating a lunar-esque texture and eternal reminder of their club’s ‘new era.

  • Empordà Golf, Torroella de Montgrí a Palafrugell, km 345, 17257 Gualta, Girona. www.hotelempordagolf.com
  • Authors of the Project: LAGRANJA DESIGN, lagranjadesign.com
  • Client: Emesa Corporación Empresaria
  • Surface (Common áreas): 2105 m2

About LagranjaDesign:

Founded in 2002, Lagranja is a multidisciplinary design firm whose talents are primarily focused on creating interiors and products. After almost 18 years, Lagranja’s team remains passionate and coherent with its philosophy: to make design a companion for companies and brands.

Designing at Lagranja has always been a matter of ideas and strategies, never trends. “We won’t sit at the table with a predetermined list of what we should or shouldn’t do. We believe that every project is unique and has to be approached in a different way. We try to understand the context, we ask a lot of questions, to ourselves and also to our client, we strategize, we look for the right tools and the right team. And we let things be born.”

In 2010, Lagranja consolidated its growth by expanding its activity with a new office in Hong Kong, moved to Singapore in 2018. Since 2013 it has also been operating in Istanbul. Lagranja’s work has gained international recognition and national acclaim winning prestigious awards such as the Red DotAward (2007), PremiCiutat de Barcelona de Disseny (2008), Premio Vía (2009), IIDA ExcellenceAward from the International Interior DesignAssociation-USA (2009), IDEA Award (2008) and Silver Delta Award (2012). In 2021 has been awarded for the Xapo office project with the 2021 ArchitizerA+Awards in the Office Interiors category (<25,000 sq ft.).


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