RTF Sustainability Awards 2017

After successfully completing the Rethinking The Future Awards 2017, widely spread across the professional networks like

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RTF has launched the second Award Series for the year, RTF Sustainability Awards 2017.

With Professionals and Creative people around the world, It’s your chance to be distinguished around the best in the profession!

RTF Sustainability Awards 2017

Designed to develop an architectural language that would ‘sustain’ and ‘survive’ the impacts of new age challenges, and evolve into an architectural language of the future – taking sustainability one step ahead.
The Rethinking The Future Awards will carry extraordinary eminence to your work. Our reputable judges will Award

Three winners in each Category.

Also depending on the Jury’s Decision, Some projects will receive Honorable Mentions. Last year, there were about 5-6 Honorable Mentions in each Category.

Qualifying Entries will get Participation Certificate.

A panel of 15 judges chooses three (3) Winners and Honorable Mentions in each category. Chances flourish, however you can’t win in the event that you don’t enter.

Last year, we created the biggest award program for architects and designers, in the world in the field of sustainability. We received

Previous Award Winners

Previous Awards hosted by RTF includes International Architecture & Design Awards, Re-thinking The Future AwardsRTF Sustainability Awards 2015, IATA, and RTF Sustainability Awards 2016 with participation from across the globe and Winners from prestigious firms such as Bjarke Ingels Group & DIALOGPerkins EastmanUNStudioHOK, PageRTKLAHRSanjay Puri ArchitectsChristopher Charles Benninger Architectsand BIOME, and hosting one of the largest architectural events – Delhi Architecture Festival.

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Note: All Categories are further divided in ‘Built’ and ‘Concept’.


Commercial: This award recognizes the architectural excellence and innovations in commercial buildings which include retail and shopping centers.

Cultural: Projects that serve the need of cultural spaces such as Museum, Gallery, Hall or Theatre, Pavilions and Religious & Memorials with innovations.

Hospitality: Architectural Excellence and Innovations projects like Hotels & Resorts, Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs and Wellness Centres.

Housing: Best housing project with innovations and efficiency in design catering to present and future habitat will be awarded.

Residence: This award recognizes the best residential projects that provide a comfortable and attractive living environment for a private house.

Institutional Building: This award recognizes the architectural excellence and innovations in the Institutional Buildings such as Schools, and Hospitals.

Mixed Use: Featuring a combination of one or more categories, such as hospitality and commercial or residential and commercial or a mixture of all the three categories.

Office Building: This award has been instituted to recognize architectural excellence for office designs that seek the new architectural language to fulfill the functional requirements.

Pop-Ups & temporary: This award recognizes the year’s best architectural temporary structure or pop-ups that come in events like exhibition and installations etc.

Public Building: This award has been instituted to recognize architectural excellence for buildings or complexes in public or private sector for government, social, cultural, or religious purposes. Designs that seek the new architectural language to fulfill the functional requirements.

Sports & Recreation: Stadium or Arena and Recreation Centers with innovation in design that gives the new directions and provides the new generation a food for thought.

Transportation: Transport terminals such as Railways, Airports, Bus Stations, Boat Piers, Port facilities etc. that take transport architecture to a new level and define some new directions.

Landscape Design: Featuring innovations in providing the comfortable living outdoor environment that characterizes the new models for site planning.

Urban Design: A proposal responding to emerging challenges in areas such as ecology, information technology, socialization, and globalization.


Residential Interior: Interior design project featuring innovations in providing the comfortable living environment for inhabitants that characterizes the new models for living.

Commercial Interior: This award recognizes the perfection and excellence in commercial interior spaces like retail, hotels, food courts etc with innovations as of already known to us.

Corporate Interior: This award has been instituted to recognize the best projects in corporate interior spaces. Designs that look for the new building dialect to fulfill the utilitarian necessities.

Product Design

Households: Cleaning devices, Fans, Household Appliances, Ironing systems, Sewing machines, Textiles, Tumble Dryers, Vacuum Cleaners, Washing Machines, Waste systems, etc.

Fashion, Lifestyle, and Accessories: This award recognizes the perfection and excellence in product design for the fashion, lifestyle, and accessories which define the new trends.

Interior Design Elements: This award has been instituted to recognize the best projects in interior design elements which contribute to the comfortable living.


Early Bird Registrations – 15th Aug – 30th Sept

Students’ Fee –              35$

Professionals’ Fee –      50$

Standard Registrations – 1st Oct – 15th Dec

Students’ Fee –              50$

Professionals’ Fee –      75$

Standard Registrations – 15th Dec – 15th Jan

Students’ Fee –              75$

Professionals’ Fee –      100$


Submission Deadline has been exended.

Aug    15,  2017                Registration Begins.
Nov   20,  2017                Last date of recieving queries
Nov   30,  2017                Last date for answering all queries
Jan    10,  2018                Registration Ends
Jan   15,  2018                 Submission Deadline
Jan  16,  2018                 Jury Meeting – Evaluation period begins.
Jan   31,  2018                Winners Announcement

Submit Your Entry

Kindly submit your entry through Wetransfer and share it with rtf@re-thinkingthefuture.com. Kindly submit a ZIP folder (Max size = 25 MB) with name as Registration ID containing JPEG Images of the Sheets and .doc file of the project brief as mentioned in submission requirements.


  1. Open invitation for ‘RTF Sustainability Awards 2017’.
  1. Entries are invited from all the nations.
  1. The projects submitted are considered by the author that submits the entry for the Award. Every violation of copyright will be punished with immediate disqualification.
  1. Signing up at re-thinkingthefuture.com and participating in the awards, you are accepting the ‘General Rules’ and the ‘Terms of Use’ of re-thinkingthefuture.com.
  1. The works reached out of time will be excluded.
  1. It is absolutely prohibited the participation to the awards of a Jury member, a relative or a person or body connected professionally to the jury.

Submission Requirements:

  1. Submissions may contain any or all of the following, i.e. text, diagrams, plans, sections, sketches, photographs, graphics, collage etc, in a combination without restrictions that can convey the visual summary of the design intent of the entrant comprehensively illustrating the:

(i)  Response to challenges outlined in the Brief.

(ii) The emergence of unified and relevant image of Design

  1. Submission must contain Design Brief (not more than 500 words) in .doc file.
  1. Max. of 6, A3 size sheets (420mm X 297mm), in horizontal format and submitted as digital, coloured, high-resolution files, meant for printing in JPEG format needs to be upload at Re-thinking The Future Website prior to the submission deadline.
  1. Each submission must contain the ’Registration ID’ provided by the RTF at the time of registration, this ID must be written in bold Arial font, 5 mm in height on the top right corner of each submission entry.
  1. Submission must be free from any kinds of identifying marks, such as and including firm logos, name of participant.
  1. The submissions will ONLY bear the Registration ID, given to an entrant after their successful registration, as a means of identification and any other identifying mark will make the entrant liable for disqualification.

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