Winner | RTF Poem Writing Competition May 2021

Category: Poem: Complex Pasts – Diverse Futures
Participant: Manav Sheth
Profession: Student
City: Mumbai



There’s something that leaves me awestruck,
When I look at The Parthenon,
It’s the Strength, the Vigour,
And how could it possibly withstand human phenomenon ?

How did our ancestors do it ?
Without concrete canons to stand by ?
Was it because there were no limitations,
Or was it their Morals – they STOOD BY ?

What’s so wrong with the Gen- Z ?
Where most compete for the high rises,
Aesthetics have captivated traditions of our Architecture,
Neglecting the essence of humanities.

Are we concerned about our heritage ?
As it does define how we’ve grown
By developing an awareness about ourselves,
Why we are, the way we are – through heritage we’ve known!

We’re shaped by what we surround ourselves with,
Stop rushing and adapting to the western world.
For once, we got to value Culture of the past,
For thou gold lies preserving thou old.

Take a moment and Appreciate our Culture,
Take a moment to preserve our Heritage for the coming Gen!
For the absence of learning from thy past,
Shall leave them in an obscure Den.    {2}


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