Winner | RTF Poem Writing Competition May 2021

Category: Poem: Complex Pasts – Diverse Futures
Participant: Tiffany Jade
Profession: Writer
City: Melbourne



In the shadow of minarets and buttresses
Abiding sentinels
Echoing sanctuaries
Scholars of the vernacular and minders of yesterdays innovation

Manifestations of politics and love
Masonry Dedications
Pillars of bravado
Tempered by time into elegance and austerity
Relevance shapeshifting to resonance

On the cusp of speculative futures
Scaffolded legacies
Curtained dynasties
Negotiators of historic narrative at the convergence of tomorrow.

A communion of complexities
Glazed and engineered
Patinated with nostalgia
A continuation of tradition veiled in emerging sensibilities

Architecture of conscience
Built form depicting motivations
realised in a language for tomorrow
Houses and temples with intentions for betterment
embracing idealism.

An urban fabric peppered with vision.

Markers of change scaffolding messages
of protecting optimism
channelling diversity through legacy

Amidst a rainfall of digital confetti
Once static and stoic cathedrals
emerge in kaleidoscopic flux
Embracing a holistic language
articulated through cities of connection.


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