Winner | RTF Poem Writing Competition May 2021

Category: Poem: Complex Pasts – Diverse Futures
Participant: Avijit Saroya
Profession: Student
City: KOTA



I walk throught the aisle’ Like a wandered soul The light so bright Making a perfect sight Isn’t it amusing to know The wreath of time
Have preserved architecture, as it’s greatest show The walls so tall

The details so small
God bless the hands of creativity The aura makes me sense ecstacy
I guess its just about how we treated the world That it is treating us now

We find the greatest comfort not in the concrete jungle But under the shadows of the lost world
Far away from the city Under the clear skies
An escape for all our highs
We are in a constant fight of making great buildings & forgetting to make great spaces

This is the line that seperates our past & our future
Our past holds a sense of tranquil, while the future an economical vulture But this is what it is

The past is a dream and an escape we wish to thrive Future is through what we’ll survive
I walk through the aisle Like a breathless soul The concrete jungle
Is a delusion just like the black hole.


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