The Netflix documentary called Lego House- Home of the brick is an inspired make depicting the journey of the entire team responsible for creating the iconic building that exudes creativity and possibilitythe very building blocks that Lego Architecture is based on. It takes us through a timeline of events that led up to the inaugural ceremony wherein the sculpted beauty was revealed to the rest of the world.

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The Architect of Lego House

There was much debate about the architectural firm that would bring the dream of Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, the former president and CEO of The Lego Group, to life. It was finally given to Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) as they had managed to come closest to what Kjeld had in mind. 

Bjarke himself was a dedicated fan of the Lego and being able to design this structure that paid respect to the Lego Group was as much a dream come true for him as it was for them. Evidently so, it was passion and emotion that stitched the entire team together and helped make the journey from ideation to realization.

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Talking about Spatial Arrangement | Lego House- Home of the Brick

Søren Holm, Head of Experience Development, Lego House talks us through the thought process behind the design of the house. He explains to the audience in detail the idea that the house was based upon, emphasizing on specifics of the exterior as well as the interior façade. 

He breaks down the segregation of spaces, enumerating how the spatial arrangement fulfills different purposes all the while knitting a cohesive union of those very spaces where each part complements and completes each other. 

Obstacles in the Process of Design of Lego House

In the process of making such a mammoth commitment come to life, there were a few hiccups. The imaginative process was wild as was the task at hand and in that pursuit of creative brilliance there stood a few technical barriers. Issues related to structural stability came into play and ordinary ways to resolve them would not work in tandem with the design brief and compromising that was not an option. 

Kjeld was involved in every step of the way and it was his strong urge to try to get the Lego House built without deviating from the original idea that was decided upon. It is this very ardent frame of mind that encouraged the team to come up with alternative solutions which also happened to push back the inaugural date quite far into the future than was intended, but the ultimate aim was to not be led astray from the idea that was conceived right in the beginning.

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The core theme echoed Lego in every way possible

The documentary beautifully captures the very essence of Lego, showcasing in diverse ways the artistic freedom that lies within it. It is not just a toy for kids but a mode of expression for many individuals. The kinds of sculptures and figures that can be created are ventured into as we see people present unique interpretations of their creative spirit and delve deep into their experiences of what Lego is and means to them. 

The interiors are designed in such a playful manner that does not allow a person to distract from the experience being provided. Lego house embodies the spirit of being called the Home of the brick in every sense of the word as there are pieces of Lego literally within arm’s reach of wherever you decide to momentarily pause. It is designed such that you are kept stimulated and engaged at every step of the way regardless of whether you are a child or an adult.  

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Every inch of the building personified Lego | Lego House- Home of the Brick

The building houses interesting mechanisms of technology that are customized to provide the ultimate experience. These technologies again utilize Lego in interesting ways to do so. It is thrilling to see how far design can go in order to tailor-make something that reverberates the common theme/idea, i.e. Lego in every way possible. 

The designers have managed to expand the context in which Lego is usually perceived and included it in wherever possible alongside keeping the audience guessing about what comes next. The documentary candidly captures how this is done. The expansive explorative strategies of using the pieces of Lego go much beyond the ordinary to showcase just how much power the pieces pack within themselves and how they act as the perfect mode of relaying the creativity to produce stunning results. 

The Lego House is crafted to perfection and the documentary has perceptively captured the behind the scenes of getting it to that level of perfection. It has justifiably exhibited how a vision binds people together to carefully help realize and bring it to life. 

Lego being such an iconic discovery in the world of toys and having played its part in giving children the leeway to create and build whatever they want, deserved a House to show it off in the best way possible and Bjarke Ingles delivered exactly through his creation of the Lego House- Home of the Brick.


Meghna Sanyal is a final year student of architecture. She is an absolute conversationalist and finds happiness in the process of translating that into written verse. She aims to demystify the subject of architecture by making it more accessible to everyone through her writing.