This interior design project for a city apartment includes the design of custom made furniture and of the garden, advices on what kind of products for the interiors should be bought and what colour and material for the facades should be used. Moreover, with the help of experts, we have also pursuit a total well-being, solving outdoor acoustic and environmental issue and removing electromagnetic pollution indoor

location: Trento
type: interior design, outdoor spaces design
area: 279 sqm (interior), 70 sqm (exterior), 350 sqm (garden)
state: completed
date: 2018 – 2020
client private
team: Elisa Burnazzi, Davide Feltrin
photos: Carlo Baroni

ZM Apartment By Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti - Sheet2
©Carlo Baroni

ZM apartment: the dream to realize

The ZM apartment is set inside a recently built multi-family house located in a southern area of Trento. A private garden separates the building from a fairly busy road and allows the apartment to have a view on a green space.

The furnishing project consists in the design of custom-made furniture both for the living and the sleeping areas and also for the garden. Large windows hosts bench seats with the double function of letting people enjoy the relaxing view of the garden, and of adding, if necessary, more seats whenever guests or relatives are visiting.

ZM apartment: our project between interior design, landscape, outdoor spaces design and construction The concept was inspired by the main spatial characteristics of the house. The large french doors of the living room frame the garden, where plants able to reduce noise and environmental pollution have been planted.

ZM Apartment By Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti - Sheet3
©Carlo Baroni

The interior finishes recall the colours and materials of the garden: a green shade is used for some furniture and accessories and it contrasts with the white modern Venetian floor, which is also used for the patio, while wood is especially used for the furniture in the dining area, such as table, chairs, and kitchen.

In this way it feels like the garden is entering inside the house. The kitchen island finish is in black..lacquer. From the entrance the fireplace stands as a visual focus and it remains visible from all the living area, inspiring a sense of welcome and warmth.

©Carlo Baroni

In the sleeping area wood floors and walls cladding create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. In the bathrooms Venetian floor and enamel paint for the walls are the predominant materials.

As for the lighting system, few LED track lighting fixtures are used, recessed from the line of the ceiling. They wash the walls with light and create an evocative but abstract atmosphere. To improve t he brightness of the space in evening and night hours some spotlights were added. Over the dining table, an impressive chandelier catch the visitors’ attention to the place where the family usually gather, share meals and stories about their day.


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