Without chaos, there is no system renewal. As an architect I am constantly trying to organize based on values. Our highly specialized performance and consumer society leaves many talents and materials unused. As a circular expert, I challenge designers and designers to design from the perspective of materials and governments and organizations to deal with systems and processes differently.

Studio Name: Studio Erol
Design Team: Architect Erol Oztan
Area: Limburg. The Netherlands
Year: 2009
Location: Heerlen.
Consultants: Engie- Breemen Bouwadviseurs. RM BuildingConstruction.
Photography Credits: own
Other Credits: The local authorities. The owner.

©Erol Oztan Architects

By independently and as a free creative mind, collecting data, creatively connecting and enriching it by presenting views and offering solutions, I contribute to the transition of the Netherlands, where the revaluation of people and materials are central. With my engineering firm Re Use Materials  we have developed the first national materials management system Cirdax that makes it possible to manage materials during every step a material has to deal with in the real estate process.

Circularity can be anchored within the demolition, construction and management process on the base of data, factual recording and innovative techniques, with the focus on effective and efficient use of raw materials. The software consists of a bundle of practically applicable tools and methodologies that make it possible to gain insight, promote reuse of materials, trade materials, design with existing materials, analyze results/reports and make circularity measurable.

©Erol Oztan Architects

I can use this system to make a creative translation for those who find it time to deal differently with scarce materials and the spaces in which they live, work and work. Because demolition is a design error.

My dream is to use this tool and create a physical place where social manufacturing industry and sustainable design (theory and practice) are connected and that contributes to circularity within the construction world.

©Erol Oztan Architects

Home is the only place where you can be 100% yourself. As an architect, I can contribute to that. Whether that is a villa, a compact home, a renovation or a wall unit. I always create the right balance between space and identity. I ensure the correct positioning of objects, thereby bringing peace and at the same time creating a dynamic play of pleasant spaces in which the resident plays the leading role.

©Erol Oztan Architects

This villa is manufactured by using high quality re used materials. A single-storey villa in a wooded area, closed on the north side and open and transparent on the south side. As the architect i opted for an optically floating roof, which allows the sun to enter the house on all sides, at all times. The villa mainly consists of a large space in which various functions are cleverly connected to each other through an ingenious storage system. The changed daily incidence of light brings the objects to life and gives this house a soul. A place where you hear the silence to minimalize your life surrounded with good stuff that makes you feel home.


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