Designed for mother and daughter, this social area has well-defined spaces, even if integrated: kitchen, dining and living room, making the space much more functional and dynamic. Light tones with a hint of color mark the harmony of this environment.

Studio Name: Paulo Spessatto Arquitetura
Design Team: Paulo Spessatto
Area: 95m²
Year: 2020
Location: Blumenau, Brazil
Consultants: x
Photography Credits: Arq. Verso

Ed. Punta Carena by Paulo Spessatto Arquitetura - Sheet4
©Arq. Verso

In the details of the home theater, think of a lighter design where the decor could stand out, after all it can be easily changed over time. The shades of gray and wood are part of this timeless proposal.

Ed. Punta Carena by Paulo Spessatto Arquitetura - Sheet7
©Arq. Verso

The living room, all surrounded by windows, brings incredible natural lighting into the apartment. We chose some color points to bring life and joy.

Ed. Punta Carena by Paulo Spessatto Arquitetura - Sheet9
©Arq. Verso

The apartment was acquired during construction, so we made all the necessary infrastructure adjustments before handing over the property: changing electrical and plumbing points, lighting, plaster lining and installing coatings.


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