How do you design a 25,000 square foot space to be an inviting and enticing space remote workers will want to come together to collaborate? npz studio+ solved the puzzle with colorful, green spaces that inspire remote workers and reignite the concept of ‘it’s better together.’

Project Name: CentralReach’s new HQ
Studio Name: npz studio+

CentralReach's new HQ by npz studio - Sheet3
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CentralReach is the top provider of end-to-end Autism and IDD Care software that supports the delivery of applied behavior analysis and related therapies at home, school, and work. They wanted to relocate their fully remote workforce to Bell Works in Holmdel, NJ, to encourage their employees to return to work comfortably and leave feeling inspired. Following the pandemic, their desire was to introduce a remote-first hybrid environment to balance the employee base’s health and wellbeing with productivity in order to deliver results to their customers.

CentralReach's new HQ by npz studio - Sheet6
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Commissioned to design the large space as a hub for in-person meetings and collaboration, npz studio+ embraced the challenge by designing beautiful and productive work and social spaces. npz studio+ created the Office of the Future in the post-pandemic world by incorporating innovative and biophilic design to align with the client’s mission of improving behavioral health. This office was also to be aligned with the modernism of the building in which it is located, Bell Works, a building designed ahead of its time by world known architect, Eero Saarinen, in Holmdel, NJ. The building exudes a futuristic approach to life and work, designed for its users to make serendipitous connections in a space that fosters creativity. The space features innovative design and biophilic touches with an emphasis on the psychology of color. The office space exudes fluidity that encourages the users to collaborate and innovate while empowering the modern worker. Health + wellness was at top of mind when designing this space as the future of work is here as we know it.

CentralReach's new HQ by npz studio - Sheet8
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As a way to transition the employee base from remote to hybrid structure, the gathering spaces, such as the kitchen, were designed to create conversation between water refills and coffee breaks. The brand’s mission and vision are connected to the space with bold colors, human-centric spaces, and gathering vignettes that act as a catalyst for productivity. As part of their design philosophy, npz studio+ researched CentralReach’s established brand in order to connect the design to their DNA, meaning they carefully selected the upholstery, paint, materials, wall coverings, and planters to not only reflect their brand colors, but also their values. Examples include an inviting lobby filled with blue soothing hues, a light wood modern kitchen that rivals professional chef kitchens that beckons good food and conversation, many natural light infused spaces, colorful poufs that evoke comfort for a relaxed atmosphere, and so much more. Many of the furniture pieces are also functional due to their acoustical properties, even the plants have material planters to help control sound in the open spaces. Lush tropical plants are found throughout the workspace as part of the biophilic design. Other sustainable elements, such as recycled material and repurposed surfaces can be found throughout the workspace.

CentralReach's new HQ by npz studio - Sheet9
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The lighting fixtures and temperatures were carefully selected to enhance focus and wellbeing. Creating the office of the future was the goal for this project. When being tasked with designing a forward-looking workspace, npz studio+ and the team at G3 Architects incorporated a highly configurable and collaborative floorplan with progressive work stations, conference rooms outfitted with televisions, and other equipment to facilitate seamless communication between employees present in the office and those working remotely. Through the power of design, a workspace for innovation, collaboration, and wellbeing in the post-pandemic workplace was created. It is apparent when you enter the CentralReach HQ that their return to the office (of the future) is going to be an inspiring one. The biggest challenge now for CentralReach’s HQ will be not enticing workers to come in, but getting them to leave.


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