Look around you.

From where you live to where you meet your friends and work, every space has been deliberately designed to serve the purpose it fulfills.

The hospital you were born in..
The park you used to swing in as a child..
The restaurant you had your first date at..
In the backdrop of nearly all human activity..
..are purposefully-designed environments.
But how many people know the Designers behind these buildings?

How many of us are aware of the countless hours spent in creating the ambience that resonates with our emotions?

Ask your friends who designed their favorite hangout café and expect nothing but..mumbles
Art is not for a few, anymore than freedom for a few..
It is no longer a luxury to seek trained professionals as Architects, it is becoming a NECESSITY.
It is time that Architects get acknowledged for their achievements..
It is time that creativity and innovation is recognized..
It is time that excellence is appreciated..
It is time to STOP WAITING.

It is time for the Architecture Community to collect and bring the change they wish to see..
It has been a long wait..
And the time to ACT is NOW.

Phase 1

Awareness >>

Architecture is, at its core, a service profession. There is no Architecture if there is no client. While most such discussions happen within a closed community of Architects, it is crucial to involve a wider audience in the conversation.

To bring the importance of Architecture to the masses, we need to go out and spread the word.

#IamanArchitect Movement

Architects today need a platform to reach out to the masses and communicate, by talking about our struggles, about our ideas and what architecture really is. Architects are not speaking or writing enough about their profession. We are confined within a community of architects and look for the solutions to our problems within this community itself. What architecture lacks is involvement in society and overall awareness about our profession.

Rethinking the future is starting the #IamanArchitect campaign. The idea is to come out and integrate with the society, as a community of architects, by reaching out to the people and sharing our stories, our struggles, our thought process, and our skills.



How should I register for the contest?

Register via the Registration page on the RTF website. Registration deadline: 15 November 2019, 12 midnight.

How many photographs can one applicant submit?

A maximum of 3 individual photos can be submitted by the applicant.

How can I pay the registration fee?

There’s no Registration Fee for the competition.

How can I submit entries?

After being registered in the system, each applicant can upload the entries on the Submission Page here.

Is there a chance to modify my uploadings?

Yes, to update your entry, you can re-submit before the deadline.

Who are eligible applicants?

This contest is open to individuals only. No teams or companies’ photographs are going to be accepted.

What are the criteria for the assessment that the jury is going to take into consideration?

The jury is going to consider the following aspects of assessment:

  • Concept
  • Artistic values and merits
  • Technical implementation

Is the jury’s assessment open to the public?

No, it isn’t. Applicants not selected for the finals are not going to be notified about the details of the jury’s assessment.

What are the technical parameters for the photographs?

Photos submitted must be max. 2 MB jpg format RGB images with accessible exif data. Files are to be named in a format as follows: Photographer’sName_building_location_year (without diacritics), e.g.: ManishKumar_school_Ahmedabad_2017.jpg.