Urbanizer has transformed this old factory hall into a shelter for creatives in the form of 65 studios and workshops.
In a circular building process, use was made of materials that were already present at the site, second-hand building materials and leftovers.

Studio Name: Urbanizer Architects
Design Team: Sietse van der Spuij
Area: 3000 m2
Year: 2020
Location: Nijverheidsweg 6, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Consultants: IMD Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Ventilatie Muis B.V., Volopzon
Photography Credits: Humphrey Daniels
Other Credits: DePlaatsmaker, Groenluik

The Havenloods by Urbanizer Architects - Sheet5
©Humphrey Daniels

An example of circular materials are the frames, facade panels and spiral staircases.
In addition, consideration has been given to a possible destination of the building materials after the life of the building.

The Havenloods by Urbanizer Architects - Sheet8
©Humphrey Daniels

The Havenloods is divided into 65 rooms that are suitable for various activities. The smaller spaces can be used as offices. In addition, there are larger workshops, practice rooms and common areas where tenants can meet.

The Havenloods by Urbanizer Architects - Sheet9
©Humphrey Daniels

The result is an Escherian labyrinth in which the spaces are ordered.
The volumes of the studios contain a reference to the classic Villa Malaparte by Adalberto Libera (1938).


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