Desk organisers, Organizing stuff is a little like life insurance. Getting organized is the first step to remaining organized. It helps a person improve time management skills and concentrate on workplace goals because an organized desk helps to locate essential items quickly, remember important works, and convey professionalism by creating less clutter. Being organized initiates productive thinking and creates an elite environment to accomplish day-to-day work. It promotes a strong work ethic and reduces stress to keep someone focused in order to represent proficiency in their work or study. According to a survey, 90% of Americans believe that clutter negatively impacts their work life, and 77% believe it hinders their efficiency. 

Desk organizers are small compact spaces or utilities that assist in maintaining the everyday items within clear sight and reach. It adds value to the workspace.

1. Ergonomic Desk Stand | Desk Organisers

An adjustable-height standing desk or a monitor/laptop stand offers work satisfaction as one can easily raise or lower the height intending to easily switch between sitting and standing at regular gaps throughout the day. A proper work posture provides a good and healthy work experience.

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2. Table lamp

A table lamp provides much-needed task lighting during late-night sessions for studying, reading, writing, or computer work. It helps the increment of productivity by highlighting the particular work area and providing the correct amount of light and adequate visibility. The use of a desk lamp is also good for the eyes as one can adjust the exposure of light as per requirement. 

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3. Calendar | Desk Organisers

A desk calendar is used as a visual daily reminder. It assists in navigating the days and keeping the track of daily work, future appointments, plans, holidays, and events so that one can never miss a deadline. 

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4. Notebook

A notebook is a must to jot down thoughts and ideas. It is the best way for saving important pieces of information, noting down to-do lists, and collective knowledge from any seminar, events, or meetings, and also for journaling, scrapbooking, or sketching in your spare time.

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5. File Holder | Desk Organisers

File holders are plastic or metal stands that are placed on the desk surface. It should be used for compact organization of important documents and papers in order to keep them safe from being moved between destinations. It also helps to maintain a tidy and organized desk

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6. Extension power socket with USB

A work desk contains several numbers of digital equipment which needs to be charged, like a laptop, tablet, mobile, Bluetooth earpods, power banks, and other compatible devices. Using a multiple socket extension tower with USB ports offers the best current for each connected space without damage. The vertical tower shape also keeps each charger in order with reasonable space so that the cables won’t get tangled together, and keeps the desk tidy.

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7. A Cord Organizer

Where there are digital devices, there exists tangling of chargers and cords. Separating them is quite a frustrating and time taking job. Thus, managing cables help maintain basic functionality and protect the devices from clogged airflow due to messy and muddled wires. The use of a cord organizer creates a visually pleasing and clean work environment. Also, it prevents scrambling around under the desk in search of cables.

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8. Storage Basket | Desk Organisers

A box or open tray, divided into several small and compact compartments, typically to be placed on the surface of a desk for keeping essential office stationeries such as pen, pencil, sticky notes, paperclips, gluestick, stapler, pins, etc. It helps to separately organize the desk necessities neatly so that they can effortlessly be found in the hour of need.

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9. Trash Can

Using a trash can is the easiest way to get rid of clutter. Splitting up unnecessary items keeps the desk tidier and also resonates with hygiene and sanitation. 

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10. Succulents | Desk Organisers

Succulents bring a bit of green to the workspace without over-committing to a plant that will need constant love and attention. It helps to dress up the desk and brings a tinge of positivity and freshness to the work environment.


Apart from these, there are some important miscellaneous objects that benefit a workspace being organized:

  • A Mood board: Mood board is a very essential tool for creative projects. It helps to spec out the visual ideas through various design elements or color schemes so that one can create a specific look for their design projects.
  • Paperweight: Paperweights prevent important documents from getting scattered. These small, solid, and heavy objects can also create a visual aesthetic to the workspace as they come up with an innumerous variety of designs.
  • Coffee mug and coaster: A rush of caffeine is much needed for focusing on long-term work. Therefore one should definitely keep a coffee mug along with a coaster within reach because it helps to prevent the spilling stain of the drink. 
  • Reusable water bottle: Keeping the body hydrated throughout the day is quite important while the job requires staring at a computer screen all day. Reusable bottles retain the water as cool or warm as per choice and they are environment friendly as well. 
  • A decorative wall to stare at: A personalized wall with photographs or art pieces is quite soothing for the eyes. A little glance at the wall while doing a hectic work can easily boost a person up. 

A work desk is a place where a person spends most of the productive hours of a day. Therefore a well-organized work desk should have a personal touch in its look so that it can help to improve mental stability.

The curation of a personalized work desk originates in individuality which uplifts the amount of creativity as well as prolificity of work because individuality is the ultimate key to success.



Shiwangi is a student of Architecture and a writing enthusiast. She is very keen to explore and experience the world of Architecture and discover different aspects of it to humanity as she believes in the influence of design on people and spaces.