Architects are among the most design-conscious professions, but they are also among the most overloaded due to the amount of portable equipment they must carry. One could be carrying a variety of pens, sketchbooks, reports, drawings, rulers, cameras, measuring devices, laptops, and other items at any given time. As a result, a bag must be both functional and convenient, as well as durable, comfortable, and capable of holding all of these different types of equipment, as well as well-designed and aesthetically appealing.

Apart from durability and comfort, the material is essential. When picking a bag, one should consider the material. It’s a major mistake to buy a high-quality material bag for an architect before even analysing its features. Materials used to create bags are canvas, nylon, polyester, and leather. Waterproofing, durability, and convenience are just a few of the features that each material provides. It’s also a fine decision to check the in-lining material of a bag, which should be comfortable and not easily ripped away. Because we’ll be carrying a laptop, electronic gadgets, and portfolios, we’ll need a water-resistant material bag. So, here’s a list of 10 bags to aid architects to choose the ideal one for them.

1. BTS X Agatha Backpack

Backpack with lots of pockets and a minimalistic design. Webbing and buckles make carrying the design even easier. This durable bag is both water-resistant and reasonably priced. It has 5 storage sections and a cushioned storage area for computers, notebooks, and other stuff. Architects who need to carry their tools systematically will adore this bag. This product, which is designed to be used as a travel bag, can be quickly attached to a carrier and can hold notebooks. Due to the usage of Air-Mesh, the back and shoulder straps are ventilated and comfortable. This backpack has a length of 18.5 inches, a width of 12.9 inches, and a height of 5.7 inches.

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2. Chrome Black Buckle Bag

The buckle bag can be worn as a cross-body or over-the-shoulder sling bag, providing you with a variety of looks. To ensure long-term durability, military-grade materials are used. A shoulder strap with industrial-strength Velcro is used as an accessory. The user will find the mounting shoulder strap to be adjustable and comfortable enough to wear regularly. Buckle latches are not only elegant, but they’re also durable enough to keep your belongings safe. At night, reflective stripes are used to increase visibility. The length, width, and height of this Chrome bag are 22 inches long, 12.9 inches wide, and 3 inches tall.

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3. LB1 Leather Laptop Bag

This leather bag is affordable and versatile, with excellent durability and usability. The leather is of fine standards, and this bag was designed with architects and designers in mind. Elegant executive business case with flap-over design, exterior in High-Quality Genuine Vintage Leather, and fully-lined interior. It appears to be simply elegant due to its sleek design and adjustable shoulder strap. This lightweight bag has several pockets for optimal item organisation. This bag measures 14.9 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 5.5 inches tall.

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‌4. Leather Architect Messenger Bag

It is an excellent brand. The leather they use is of the highest quality. Not only that, but the leather finish elevates them to the level of exceptional. There is enough room for a laptop, notebook, pencils, and the usual architectural stationery. Drawings, documents, files, and folders can also be kept here. The buckle-based design is both elegant and effective. It’s a cross-body messenger bag with a flap top and metallic buckles. The black leather finish is sophisticated and stands out in a sea of suits and ties. This buckle bag measures 9.5 inches wide, 12 inches tall, and 2.75 inches deep.

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5. Newhey Leather Waxed Bag 

This bag is waterproof and long-lasting, with ample storage space, a removable and adjustable strap, a convenient magnetic latch, and a padded laptop sleeve. The best part about this sturdy bag is that it is made of quality Crazy Horse cowhide leather, and it has 9 compartments for better organisation, 5 exterior pockets, and 4 interior pockets for bottles, umbrellas, cards, wallets, laptops, and other items. It is suitable for use in school, college, business, work, and travel. This Satchel measures 16.5 inches long, 11.8 inches wide, and 5.1 inches tall.

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6. Johnny Urban Aaron Roll Top Bag

This bag is eco-friendly since it is made entirely of recycled plastic bottles. The overall look is extremely exquisite. The bag’s usability is enhanced with hidden side pockets and small pockets inside the bag. The bag’s shoulder straps, back, and bottom are cushioned with high-quality rubber for the comfort and protection of the belongings. The magnetic snap latch provides for quick and easy closure. The laptop pocket is completely padded to keep the laptop secure. It is suitable for high school and college. This bag is 16.9 inches long, 4.3 inches wide, and 11 inches tall.

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7. Solo Duane Convertible Briefcase

This bag can be used as a backpack, a laptop bag, or a briefcase. The briefcase transforms into a backpack with the help of convertible concealed straps. With various compartments, there is plenty of storage space. Large front pocket with compartment for cables, pencils, cards, books, and other stuff. Two quick-access pockets on the front for phones, keys, wallets, and other essentials. A pocket for iPads and tablets is an added feature. The dimensions of this briefcase are 12 inches long, 5 inches broad, and 17 inches tall. The sleek hybrid form seems incredibly professional and is excellent for everyday use.

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8. Timbuk2 Spire Backpack

This bag was created specifically for Apple products. A waterproof roll-top and an incognito back zip access are included. The exterior side pockets and outside webbing are also elastic straps, which is a benefit. Because of the combination of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and canvas fabric, it is water repellent. It has a large capacity due to its extensible volume both horizontally and vertically. It’s substantially larger than the other bags. Because it best suits the MacBook and iPad, this is one of the most popular bags among Apple customers. The length of the backpack is 12.4 inches, the width is 5.1 inches, and the height is 18.7 inches.

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9. Urban Dezire Messenger Bag 

This extremely spacious messenger bag isn’t oversized or heavy, yet it’s ideal for architects and designers because it satisfies all of their prerequisites. The inside of the bag has been thoughtfully segmented up into pockets and partitions. It contains 4 pockets: 2 small pockets in front and 2 small pockets on the inside. The top flap is ideal for keeping rolled sheets/papers with designs in place. The leather is extremely well-oiled, and the faultless stitching ensures that it will endure a lot longer. This bag measures 16 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 5 inches tall and has an adjustable shoulder strap as well as a half flap bag with a strap lock.

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10. Victorinox Urban Backpack

The bag contains water-resistant zippers and padded shoulder straps. The bag’s most notable feature is the Swiss-engineered laptop security system, which keeps everything inside secure. This stylish backpack is both lightweight and spacious. It is composed of numerous storage pockets that will allow one to organise their items. The inside design involves multi-purpose storage areas. The outside organisation is completed by four multi-purpose zipped pockets, one of which features a multi-purpose organisation panel, two-zippered side pockets large enough to hold an umbrella or water bottle, and a rear concealed security pocket. It is suitable for everyday use. The backpack measures 18.1 in long, 13.3 in wide, and 7 inches tall.

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Architects carry a diverse and hefty load, which includes anything from small, finely crafted drafting pencils to huge blueprints and drawings. Architectural students and professionals who are always on the move require a safe means to carry all of their tools, personal possessions, and deliverables. As a consequence, choosing a suitable bag to meet these needs is important. Each of the bags listed above satisfies these requirements and will make their visit to the studio, workplace, or site more comfortable.


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