New Delhi, June 2022: — Renowned worldwide for its spectacular mosaic creations that epitomize superior craftsmanship, design and technology, Sicis has unveiled its exquisite Vetrite Collection in India.

Project Name: Vetrite Collection
Studio Name: Sicis available at Tessera

Vetrite Collection By Sicis available at Tessera - Sheet1
©Sicis available at Tessera

Vetrite is the perfect combination of traditional and modern production processes to obtain a quality coating product that is at the same time highly decorative and extremely versatile. Beyond its captivating aspect and the possibility to have personalized patterns, the slabs are easily cut, angled and layered, like a common covering.

Vetrite Collection By Sicis available at Tessera - Sheet2
©Sicis available at Tessera

Vetrite are slabs of glass, pure matter, with a unique formula of polymers and metals inserted in between. The slabs can be curved depending on the project need, double-sided or not, and backlit for a high scenic impact. They are suitable for application on external coatings as well as flooring. Besides, they’re also perfect for creating entire kitchens of great originality. The slabs can be a structural element for exterior and interior, such as load-bearing partitions, facades, parapets, pools, exterior and interior glass windows and many other architectural uses.

Vetrite Collection By Sicis available at Tessera - Sheet4
©Sicis available at Tessera

Vetrite, in addition to being a highly performing and aesthetic alternative to porcelain stoneware slabs, has extra qualities that have not escaped those in the sector and who’s looking for innovative materials to carry out their projects. It can be laid and used with the same ease as porcelain slabs, unlike which it can be double-sided, backlit, curved and semi-transparent. It can be used on the wall, on the floor, outdoors and much more.

About Tessera India

Born out of a passion for art, design and architecture, Tessera India is a collaborative effort of Kekin Shah, Falgun Shroff & Dhara Shroff. It combines the experience of more than two decades in the Indian design industry and the expertise of one of the country’s most sought-after architects. Tessera’s purpose is to curate experiences by introducing unique luxury design brands in India to weave home collections that are personal, exclusive and tailor-made.

About Sicis

Sicis began its journey in 1987 in Ravenna, Italy, under the direction of Maurizio Leo Placuzzi. Since then, it has revolutionized the industry of mosaic through superior craftsmanship, design and technology. Through the age-old technique, each tessera is hand cut and made in Italy, by some of the most talented artisans.

Italy being a hub for traditional mosaic draws inspiration from design, fashion and art movements across the world. SICIS personifies this Italian eye for beauty, penchant for luxury and sense of pride in its rich heritage.

Diverse materials like stone, marble, Murano glass, wood, platinum, gold, come to life through a language that is unique and timeless.


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