While the world has usually a normal point of view for various aspects of life, an architecture student or even a normal person who has an eye and keen interest in architecture will view every public place, skyscraper, house, hut, or even a simple wall that stands still on a street serving a purpose. 

Irrespective of how the design or facade is appealing artistically, architecture is all about the experience. 

Experience is something that makes a user of the building look at things from a different aspect.

An architect can never use a space without being keen on various aspects of entry, exits, ceiling heights, and the way he feels being in the space.

Did we ever notice before architecture that our bedrooms are supposedly in the wrong direction of the house? Or is the way a building with weird warmer colours of orange and yellow isn’t appealing? 

After architecture, the way we experience a space is completely different if a door is shorter you experience uncomfortable moving through it and if the ceilings are high the first experience would be of a larger and breathable space.

Architecture: A New Lens to View The World - Sheet1
Flat Iron Building Chicago_©https://images.hdqwalls.com/wallpapers/flatiron-building-new-york-5k-vh.jpg

History of architecture speaks for its own if we look at this building as architects or even grad students there are millions of ways we could view this flat iron building the curves, the windows, the exterior facade cladding all of this creates a visually appealing space which makes an architect curious is ways like 

‘How were the curves made?’

‘Does the building feel as narrower as it looks from the outside ?’

‘The way of using whatever space was given to the architect without wasting an inch of space

While a normal person would either just walk by or maybe just look at it and think pheww that’s a tall building and it’s gonna protect me from the strong sun shining.

When we talk about the history of architecture and not talk about the cathedrals of France and Europe or the Taj Mahal in India it’s incomplete.

Architecture: A New Lens to View The World - Sheet2
THE CATHEDRAL OF FRANCE_©https://www.gettyimages.ae/photos/cathedral-interior

The fact that these were coming into existence had very much to do with the design and architectural aspects and very less with the purpose, it’s going to serve.

When we look at the cathedral below as architects or grad students of architects we can point to more than 5 elements of the design the intricate details of it and how the various patterns of all these elements come together and create something so immaculate that the only message that goes to an ordinary person is ‘this is amazing’ or ‘it looks beautiful’ parallel to that we would know the efforts, the thinking, the elements, orientation, winds and a how bunch of sleepless nights and endless attempts of redesigning bought that structure into existence and created something which will live beyond the architect himself.

The new age Experience of architecture is different in its way.

This project that is yet to complete The Royal Atlantis at Dubai is a project all about something that is very explainable in depth only to the ones who understand how exactly this design is a masterpiece while the people of Dubai or anyone interested in buying or staying at this residential apartments+hotel would only look at how weirdly this space won’t give them privacy or how are they going to survive in extensive heat of the city.

THE ROYAL ATLANTIS,DUBAI_©https://www.catersnews.com/stories/amazing/are-these-fabulous-apartments-the-modern-day-atlantis/

An architect or a grad student will know how this space is the best example of using the best forms and curves that have given the people residing the best views, the perfect relative humidity for the environment, and beating the extensive heat of the city. 

In the end, it’s all about the way how the minds start to think differently the day a person steps into architecture, it’s the way a person is made to look at things differently and how it can be differentiated between how a normal person will just use the terms ‘beautiful’ or ‘amazing’ and think it has been justified enough but that’s not it may be the most beautiful or amazing looking structure has the worst experience and is the least functional it can ever be.

So the overall perspective changes only when a person is made to look at things differently, maybe say until graduation under the guidance and one fine day a person on his own will start to think differently, creatively and will make a mark of his own.

This in the end is a prime example of how the real and the most important part of anything in life lies in the smaller and intricate details and means the most just like happiness which is actually in the smallest of things in life it’s just the different perspective that is needed to see it.