The vision for Bagul Resort goes beyond the primary purpose of providing hospitality with modern amenities at a scenic location, and seeks to address concerns related to its social, regional and environmental context.

Studio Name:S2A Studio, Pune
Project Name: Mr. Bagul Resort at Khed Shivapur
Design Team: Ar. Shekhar Shinde(principal Architect), Ar. Raj Shitole, Ar.Rajat Rathi, Ar.Ashish Kulkarni
Area: 14acres
Location: Khed Shivapur, Pune, Maharashtra
Consultants: Structural consultant- Delcons, Plumbing consultant-Phoenix

Mr. Bagul Resort at Khed Shivapur By S2A Studio, Pune - Sheet2
©S2A Studio, Pune

The site being an abode to nature and fauna. Most vivid of them being the marvels of nature – peacocks, was designed with the guidance of the same, in an attempt to maintain harmony with the context of the natural landscape.

Mr. Bagul Resort at Khed Shivapur By S2A Studio, Pune - Sheet3
©S2A Studio, Pune

As we taken peacock as a concept, all the colours used in the design are picked from the feathers of the peacock.

©S2A Studio, Pune

All the designs, exterior and interior products are inspired from the same. India’s first 6.5m cantilevered pool has been designed and implemented at this resort.


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