David Barr Architects are located in Fremantle, WA, and Canberra, ACT, and are specialized in residential architecture. Their collaborative approach to creating aesthetic spaces regardless of their scale and budget leads them to design many award-winning buildings. They pay attention to the overall form as well as in the fine details. This process, besides making the projects sustainable and affordable, also enables the buildings to create a positive impact over the inhabitants. They follow both traditional and digital technology for project development and get involved in every stage of the design and construction process.

Here is a list of 15 projects by David Barr Architects:

1. Marine Residence

A two-storied rear addition is designed to an existing brick cottage, reflecting the casual and warm lifestyle of the client. There are north-facing dining and kitchen on the ground floor and a master bedroom with a toilet and a balcony on the upper floor. With the elevation, consisting of chamfered walls of textured white brick with timber layers at some places, this sculptural addition sits prominently on a raised corner block. This project was shortlisted in the Houses Awards 2020 in the ‘Alteration and Addition over 200 sq. m. category’.

Marine Residence - Sheet1
Exterior Front view ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Marine Residence - Sheet2
View of the courtyard ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Marine Residence - Sheet3
View of Kitchen ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Marine Residence - Sheet4
Interior view ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au

2. King Residence

A two-story penthouse in an aging brick building has been transformed into a three-bedroom luxurious apartment. The design process followed a collaborative approach with the client and completed in a few months, incorporating many arts and sculptures. This project was shortlisted in the Houses Awards 2020 in the ‘Apartment or Unit category’.

King Residence - Sheet1
View of the living area ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
King Residence - Sheet2
View of the kitchen ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
King Residence - Sheet3
View of the hallway with staircase ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
King Residence - Sheet4
View of the bedroom ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au

4. Picard Residence

This house is designed featuring the architectural style of South Beach’s industrial heritage. The warehouse appearance connects to the site’s history despite being surrounded by all pitched roof white suburban style houses. Although, to translate the client’s requirements and industrial appearance, inexpensive materials are used, the spaces are well lighted and ventilated, and have a homely vibe. This project won the Houses Awards 2019 in the ‘Sustainability’ category and was also shortlisted in the ‘New Houses over 200sqm’ category.

Picard Residence - Sheet1
Front view ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Picard Residence - Sheet2
View of back open space ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Picard Residence - Sheet3
View of kitchen and dining area ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au

5. Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project

This is a multi-residential project consisting of multiple small affordable apartments. To keep the apartment costs low and foster sustainability and community interaction, many external and semi external shared spaces are designed. Besides meeting the ‘One Planet Living’ sustainability framework principles and the essential requirements of the ‘Livable Homes’ accessibility standards; this project won the National Sustainability Awards in ‘Best of the Best’ category and ‘Multiple Dwelling’ category. Gen Y project also won the AIA Architecture Award in ‘Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing’ and ‘Sustainable Architecture’ categories.

Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project - Sheet1
Front view ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project - Sheet2
Perspective view from the road ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project - Sheet3
Kitchen and Dining area ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project - Sheet4
View of the courtyard ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au

6. Claremont Residence

To add an extension to a pre-war suburban house, a series of blocks are created to accommodate the dining, living, and bedroom. These brick blocks are then separated by landscaped areas as the courtyard, formal lawn, and elevated dining area and pool. A combination of brickwork, white paint, steel, and timber elements are used externally, connecting the indoor and outdoor areas. In the interior concrete floor, white wall, and American Walnut joineries are used to add vitality for the young occupants. This project won the Architecture Award in 2016 in the ‘Alterations and Additions’ category and was shortlisted for the Houses Award for ‘Alteration and Additions’ in the same year.

Claremont Residence - Sheet1
View of pool and dining area ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Claremont Residence - Sheet2
View of living room ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Claremont Residence - Sheet3
View of kitchen ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Claremont Residence - Sheet4
View of the kitchen and dining towards the courtyard ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au

7. MIKA Multiple Housing

This is a boutique residential project in the south of Fremantle, consisting of 38 apartments. The building accommodates one and two-bedroom apartments along with duplex units, designed in four levels. The total volume is designed in three segments following the site profile and each segment is overlooking different views through the courtyards and balconies. The contemporary form with a simple material palette and passive design principles used in the design allows natural light, street surveillance, energy conservation, and most importantly a connection with the historical context of the site. This project has won the AIA Architecture Award in the ‘Houses – Multiple Housing’ category.

MIKA Multiple Housing - Sheet1
View of balconies ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
MIKA Multiple Housing - Sheet2
Entrance view ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
MIKA Multiple Housing - Sheet3
Aerial view of the physical model ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au

7. Beach House

This project is designed amalgamating the qualities of West Australian beach house and Queenslander. The house is designed unconventionally by avoiding any fencing, brick wall, garage, or even front door and then lifted by creating a shaded garden and a spare room at the ground floor level. Besides incorporating design interventions to minimize the western sun and passive cooling, aesthetically also, the house is well designed and frames a view of the coastline through an opening. This project won the WA Architecture Awards in the ‘New Houses’ category and was shortlisted in the ‘Houses Publication – New Houses under 200sqm’ category.

Beach House - Sheet1
Front view ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Beach House - Sheet2
View of the kitchen and dining area ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Beach House - Sheet3
View of the house with landscaping ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au

8. Westbury Crescent Residence

An area of 60 sqm of an existing brick and tile house has been restored by addition and alteration under this project. Site context with surrounding buildings has been considered mainly to derive the form of this house. Different design interventions are followed to allow indirect sunlight from all directions inside the house and to provide privacy from the adjacent properties as well. This project won the Architecture Award under the ‘Small Project Architecture’ category and the AIA Mondoluce Lighting Awards under ‘The Creative and Innovative Use of Lighting in Architecture’ category.

Westbury Crescent Residence - Sheet1
Front view ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Westbury Crescent Residence - Sheet2
Indirect lighting in the kitchen ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Westbury Crescent Residence - Sheet3
Zenithal lighting in the toilet ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Westbury Crescent Residence - Sheet4
Zenithal lighting in the toilet ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Westbury Crescent Residence - Sheet5
Clearsoty lighting in the living room ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au


Twenty contemporary coastal apartments and six ground floor commercial units are designed in this multi-housing project in the South Fremantle area. The apartments are finished with high-quality materials and have open-plan with balconies, some of which are overlooking the coastal landscape. 

M28 / SOUTH TERRACE - Sheet1
Perspective view from road ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
M28 / SOUTH TERRACE - Sheet2
View of the courtyard ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
M28 / SOUTH TERRACE - Sheet3
View of staircase ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
M28 / SOUTH TERRACE - Sheet4
View of kitchen ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au

10. Freshwater Residence

A rear extension consisting of a living, dining, and kitchen area with outdoor landscaping, has been designed to a federation house in Clairmont under this project. Using the site’s natural gradient, the additional building and covered sitting area with pool have been embedded providing free movement between the indoor and outdoor areas and inviting daylight into various spaces. 

Freshwater Residence - Sheet1
View of timber cladding exterior ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Freshwater Residence - Sheet2
View of lawn with pool ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Freshwater Residence - Sheet3
View of the living and dining area ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Freshwater Residence - Sheet4
View of the kitchen ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au

11. Lawley Residence

This residence is carefully designed maintaining a low budget and the area’s heritage rules. White painted brick walls with concrete floors and wooden furniture are the main characteristics of the interior.

Lawley Residence - Sheet1
View of living area ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Lawley Residence - Sheet2
View of kitchen and dining area ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Lawley Residence - Sheet3
View of kitchen with indirect daylighting ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Lawley Residence - Sheet4
View of upper floor semi-outdoor area ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au

12. Raglan Residence

A rear extension to an existing worker’s cottage is designed in Lawley under this project. A living, dining, and kitchen spaces and a master suite is added allowing light through a 3m operable wall between living and bedroom. Sustainable and environmental measures are designed along with design interventions of allowing indirect daylight to the spaces.

Raglan Residence - Sheet1
Exterior view ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Raglan Residence - Sheet2
View of living, dining and kitchen area ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Raglan Residence - Sheet3
View of the operable wall ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Raglan Residence - Sheet4
View of kitchen ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au

13. Wray Residence

This is a 40 sqm rear side extension and alteration project to an existing cottage in Fremantle. Elevated exterior inviting light to the living room, installation of plywood tunnel to create a hidden bathroom, creation of smaller spaces with built-in furniture along with a 4.6 m high ceiling height framing the garden views are the main characteristics of this compactly designed residence.

Wray Residence - Sheet1
Front view ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Wray Residence - Sheet2
Backside view ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Wray Residence - Sheet3
View from the courtyard ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au

14. Minsterly Residence

This two-storied residence is designed in South West Denmark as a stand out and sculptural volume in the surrounding landscape. The exterior is finished with highly durable black painted Axon cladding and sheltered opening framing the outside view. The interior is having an open plan with passive cooling interventions. 

Minsterly Residence - Sheet1
View of window and cladding ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Aerial view ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Aerial view ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au

15. Keeling Residence

To reflect the client’s desire to capture the natural light and ventilation, this house is designed around a double-height central multipurpose area with two levels connected by a sculptural steel staircase. This climate-responsive is built with low cost yet low maintenance materials palate like red brick wall with large glass openings and polished concrete floor along with a timbre screen at the front for providing privacy.

Keeling Residence - Sheet1
Front view ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Keeling Residence - Sheet2
View of sculptural steel staircase ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au
Keeling Residence - Sheet3
View of large poolside glass openings ©www.davidbarrarchitects.com.au


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