Every nuke and corner of a house has its function, and one such place is the bathroom, where everyone escapes for a few minutes of privacy. The function of a bathroom extends beyond hygiene and has become a place to relax and get recharged. Though small scaled, a well thought towards designing bathroom automatically increases hygiene, functionality, and aesthetics. One such design step is the choice of bathroom accessories. Whether renovating or upgrading your current space with well coalesced bathroom accessories can add character and elegance, transforming your bathroom into a stylish and functional oasis. Here are a few trendy bathroom accessories for everyone in 2023.

Touchless Faucets | Bathroom Accessories

A useful bathroom accessory for anyone keen on preserving a hygienic environment and water conservation, motion sensor touchless faucets are ideal. They have become increasingly popular as they impart modern and sleek aesthetics to the space and help spread germs by eliminating touching the faucets. It enables hands-free flowing of water management which is very useful in a household with young children and people with limited mobility to use the sink. The accessory requires very less maintenance due to its minimal parts, and as a result, they are less likely to leak. The motion sensors for the water flow make it a very convenient household and commercial accessory. The point of conservation of water makes it a particularly good green choice.

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Motion Sensor Touchless Faucet_©Hadley

Smart and Digital Showers

Another Innovative bathroom accessory that is getting favor is the digital shower. Advancement to the regular mix showers incorporated with technology helps to regulate the shower temperature, water flow, and pressure using a digital display. It draws the hot and cold water and mixes it within the valve to provide the desired temperature. It even helps to keep personal settings for a constantly tailored shower experience. This helps minimize water wastage, thus adding to another green choice. Its difference from the smart shower is that smart showers have extra features that can be controlled by mobile apps, whereas the digital shower by a thermostat. Smart showers even have the feature to adjust the shower time to a short or longer duration, making it much more accessible.

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Digital showers provide the desired temperature _©Drench UK

Household Hand Dryer | Bathroom Accessories

Nyuair has come up with an upgraded yet innovative option for households which is a mini-sized hand dryer. This helps in breaking the primitive way of drying hands after handwashing and helps in reducing the use of paper tissues, thus preserving the planet. An economical option as it can save money in the long run and eliminates the use of paper towels, thus making it eco-friendly. It is also known for its versatility as it can be used in a variety of settings in the house other than the bathrooms.

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Mini Hand Dryer_ @Nyuair

Chromotherapy Bathtubs

A very appealing and common but a must bathroom accessory to be used in 2023. The presence of a bathtub can drastically change the face of the bathroom. It was olden times that the bathtubs could only be placed in larger washrooms. The emergence of customization makes it affordable for small bathroom spaces. Chromotherapy Bathtub is an ideal bathroom accessory to create a spa-like environment at home. Chromotherapy is the use of light and color to alter our mental state. These bathtubs are attached with LED lights with an option to adjust their color and intensity. This helps in tailoring an experience to our requirements thus providing a soothing and therapeutic environment.

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Chromotherapy Bathtubs_©hydrosystems

Towel Warmer | Bathroom Accessories

An ideal luxury bathroom accessory is the Towel warmer. It helps the towels to be kept warm and comfortable for future use. Typically made from stainless steel and chrome, they are highly versatile as they come in various shapes and sizes adding a sleek stylish touch to the space. They can provide the user with a soothing and pleasant experience due to the warmth. This also helps in reducing the dampness and odor on a wet cloth thus making it hygienic. These heated rails also act as an additional heating element in colder climates.

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Towel Warmer_©Fontan Architecture

Smart Toilet

A much-needed bathroom accessory that helps in enhancing the user experience and functionality with the incorporation of technology. It is remote-controlled with automatic seat opening and closing and in-built bidets which help in promoting better hygiene and cleanliness. This also reduces the use of paper towels thus making them environment friendly. It comes in a variety of additional features and designs like heated toilet seats, automatic flushes, and adjustable water temperature and pressure that make it convenient. They are energy efficient and have built-in health monitoring features like blood sugar level and weight. Some can even be voice controlled. These added features make it a luxurious bathroom accessory to afford.

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Smart Toilet with the heated toilet seat and smart features_©Roca

Grab Bars

Another extremely useful bathroom accessory that converts the bathroom space into a user-friendly. It can be installed in a household that has young children and people with limited mobility. It is mainly added to a space to provide safety and convenience and provide proper support to the user preventing injuries. Typically made of steel or plastic, they are installed throughout a bathroom. They are manufactured in various designs and sizes. It is extremely easy to install and is a cost-effective way to enhance bathroom accessibility.

Grab bars installed in the shower space_©Fontan Architecture

LED Mirrors | Bathroom Accessories

A wonderful accessory to jazz up your bathroom with both flair and function. These LED-infused mirrors provide the right amount of illumination for your routine and the space. The much-advanced LED mirrors come with technology incorporated such as inbuilt Bluetooth speakers and a touch display to change the range and intensity of the light, which makes them the ultimate upgrade. They are available in various designs and even can be customized making them the bathroom accessory fit for any bathroom style. It is known to be energy and cost-efficient compared to traditional light bulbs and has a longer life span which makes its maintenance much easier.

Touch sensor LED Mirror_ @Touch2 Switch

Shower Caddy

Shower Caddy is used to organize the shower area by providing designated spaces for each item like soaps, shampoos, Loofah, etc. It prevents the cluttering of spaces, making them easier to clean, thus promoting hygiene. These bathroom accessories either hang from the showerhead or are attached to the shower wall, thus helping the user to keep necessary items within the reachable space. It is made with plastic, stainless steel, or wire. They also help in maintaining hygiene as it provides a space for shower essentials, thus keeping them off the ground. It is a space-saving solution that helps to maximize the storage capacity of a bathroom. They are quite easy to install and do not require any drilling on the wall, and require less maintenance.

Shower Caddy_ @BuzzFeed

Outlet Shelf | Bathroom Accessories

BuzzFeed users voted for this bathroom accessory to be the most needed accessory in 2023. This space-saving shelf is perfect for propping up the home speakers or mobile while you use the bathroom space. It can be hung or attached to the wall near an electric outlet. This helps to segregate the electronic devices, thus securing the devices and providing safety to the users. They come in various shapes and designs, making them suitable for every bathroom decor.

Outlet Shelves for speakers_© BuzzFeed


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