Tradition, innovation and skills. These are the three key points on which the project for the rebirth of the FAGGI RESTAU- RANT has been designed. It belongs to the Faggi Sport Center of Biella, a Sport Club with a great tradition and theater of an ATP Challenger for over 10 editions.

Project Name: IFAGGI Restaurant
Studio Name: PRINCIPIOATTIVO Architecture Group

CLIENT: FSC s.r.l.
Arch. Luca Bigliardi, Ing. Daniela Dafarra, Arch. Silvia Monaco

IFAGGI Restaurant by PRINCIPIOATTIVO Architecture Group - Sheet2
©PRINCIPIOATTIVO Architecture Group

Among the services that the Sport Club gives to clients, in addition to tennis, we can find the hi-tech gym with athletic train – ing, personal care and evaluation, padel, wellness area, co-working and outdoor and indoor swimming pool, as well as the club-house stand out.

PRINCIPIOATTIVO Architecture Group was called to execute a complete redevelopment project for the Club, starting from the idea of using every single space simultaneity, with a well-defined temporal organization.

IFAGGI Restaurant by PRINCIPIOATTIVO Architecture Group - Sheet3
©PRINCIPIOATTIVO Architecture Group

The idea of having a “Temporary”, defined by the work in progress stage, create a lively, creative, engaging solution, using construction site objects for the restyling of the bar.

Crates and wooden boards, scaffolding pipes, concrete blocks, construction site lamps, etc. will be just the letters of a design alphabet created to amaze by raising the basic idea of the temporary into a design language.

©PRINCIPIOATTIVO Architecture Group

The aim of the strategy and the result obtained make the customer feels at the center of the project from the beginning till the end.


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