Our vision is to establish a flagship store dedicated to smoked paprika and cultivate a unique brand identity for it.

Project Name: Humo
Studio Name: Zooco Estudio

Humo by Zooco Estudio - Sheet4
©Zooco Estudio

The distinctiveness of La Vera’s paprika lies in its meticulous drying and smoking process, which involves the use of oak and holm oak wood for a duration of 8 to 10 days. This very process serves as the central theme of our project.

Our store is envisioned as an interactive workshop where visitors can gain insight into the intricate art of paprika production and its rich history.

Humo by Zooco Estudio - Sheet7
©Zooco Estudio

To bring this concept to life, we draw inspiration from the wood utilized in the smoking procedure. These tree trunks are symbolically represented as vertical cylinders, which, when combined, form the basis for all circular displays within the store. These circular patterns are cleverly integrated into the wooden ceiling to house the store’s lighting fixtures.

Humo by Zooco Estudio - Sheet8
©Zooco Estudio

Given the compact size of the store, spanning just 24 square meters, we’ve employed a mirrored surface that divides all the counters and circular openings in the ceiling into symmetrical halves. This ingenious use of mirrors effectively doubles the impact of our semicircular designs, creating a visually captivating store environment. To complete the traditional ambiance of the store, we’ve opted for a stone flooring and whitewashed walls


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