Břeclav Castle is primarily defined by its ability to adapt and transform throughout its history. Successive extensions through the centuries have left the legacy that we can see today. However, today the castle requires a new restoration due to lack of use.

Studio Name: MON NOM STUDIO (monnomstudio.com)
Design Team: Adriano Ferrer Escayola
Area: Hotel, Reconstruction
Year: 2022
Location: Břeclav, Czech Republic
Interior design: Undesign – Denisa Kučerová (undesign.cz)
Visualizations: Prague Based (praguebased.com)

4 Boutique Hotel in Breclav Castle by MON NOM STUDIO - Sheet3
©Prague Based

To continue evolving, the city of Břeclav approached us to come with a proposal to transform the castle into a 4* Boutique Hotel, to become the reference hotel in the area, whether for visitors, business people or locals who want a special experience. Returning it back to the central role in society that it has enjoyed in the past and thereby revitalizing its immediate surroundings.

A modification of this magnitude requires a large number of spaces and technology that the structure of the building does not allow, and therefore a new volume is proposed taking advantage of the natural unevenness of the land. Access is through the new volume at the basement level, which is the level of the park adjacent to the castle, leaving the northern area as a pleasant pedestrian plaza. In this way, the castle stands out on a landscaped podium, minimizing the visual impact of the building enlargement.

4 Boutique Hotel in Breclav Castle by MON NOM STUDIO - Sheet4
©Prague Based

The duality between the new and the old becomes evident from the reception itself, where the archaeological ruins are left uncovered under a glass pavement. The history of the castle becomes one of the main signs of its identity. Likewise, the double height caused by the excavation is used to provide the reception with an exceptional spatial quality. The dominant materials are concrete -smooth and textured-, glass and wood, along with the existing stone and brick.

4 Boutique Hotel in Breclav Castle by MON NOM STUDIO - Sheet5
©Prague Based

The program is divided into 3 main groups: the reception, meeting rooms, dining room and bar, which are located near the main entrance; the service and technology area, which is located in the western area, with its own differentiated access; and the 52 rooms that are located in 1-4NP -including the ground floor-. A sober and elegant interior is proposed, where the architecture and noble materials of the castle stand out, giving it a contemporary and luxurious flair, without losing the essence of the fortification.


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