Water is the first thought that comes to mind when you think of spa and wellness. In terms of form, water is interpreted through fluid volumes of a light structure, while in terms of character, water equals the light the space “bathes” in.

Studio Name: Sintemma
Author: Zoran Matković
Design Team: Stefan Jovanović, Vladan Kijevčanin, Nina Palalić, Ana Gaćeša
Area: 850m2
Year: 2019
Location: Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia
Photography Credits: Pegaz Holiday Resort

Pegaz Holiday Resort by Sintemma - Sheet5
©Pegaz Holiday Resort

The basic materials used: stone, wood and brass interact to create a scenario of vivid experience and relaxation. The stone slabs floor covering is used as a foundation, pedestal, and support for the wellness light structure.

Pegaz Holiday Resort by Sintemma - Sheet7
©Pegaz Holiday Resort

Wood creates warmth to the space and a sense of belonging, while brass is woven throughout all elegant and sophisticated details. The furniture appears unpretentiously as elegant artistic sculptures creating dynamics in the space.

Pegaz Holiday Resort by Sintemma - Sheet9
©Pegaz Holiday Resort

The combination of forms and materials applied builds a visual and tactile sense of harmony of the “winged Pegasus”.

Studio profile

Sintemma is a multidisciplinary studio founded in Belgrade with the vision of achieving unity between the projects’ conception and completion in the field of architecture for versatile structure types. It evolved from the need to unify architectural and urban planning, interior design and furnishing, execution of works and furniture manufacture, all with the aim of creating quality space and ambience for and tailored to people. We are dedicated to high-end architecture, design, and urbanism.

From the concept, through the creation of a conceptual solution to the very execution of the project, the studio cooperates with experts from a variety of fields. Despite the diversity, open communication, and willingness of project participants to view each task as an opportunity to generate new value and to discover satisfaction in it together are at the core of successful joint work.


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