The brief from Hunters’ Roots was to provide a space that reflected the juice bar/café’s concept of ‘simple, honest and fresh food’.  The term ‘fresh food’ is usually associated with fruits and vegetables, hence the idea of the timber crates.

Project Name -Hunters’ Roots
Studio Name -Kitayama K Architects
Project size–  31m2
Site size – 31m2
Completion date– 2015
Building Level – 1
Location– Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Photography– Itsuko Studio

 Hunters' Roots By Kitayama K Architects - Sheet2
©Itsuko Studio

Filling the interior with the timber crates as the main feature, although very literal, but we felt that it was very logical.  However, our decision was to use an abstract form of timber crates, not only to avoid being too literal, but also to give the patrons the chance to decide what they represented.  Are they meant to represent vegetable crates, or do they look more like fruit peels?  It is a playful design concept.

 Hunters' Roots By Kitayama K Architects - Sheet3
©Itsuko Studio

Part of the brief was also to create a cave like space to make the interior feel more earthy.  To respond to this brief, we positioned the ‘crates’ everywhere throughout the premise to create a cave like space.  The positioning of the crates is, however restricted with regular grids and straight lines. As a result, the final spatial experience is a cave like sculptural form that is clean and controlled.

 Hunters' Roots By Kitayama K Architects - Sheet4
©Itsuko Studio

Respecting the characteristics of timber, and utilizing a grid form with repeating ‘crate’ modules, the finished sculptural space resulted a simple, honest and unique interior for Hunters’ Roots.


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