A new flagship Syrovarnya restaurant is uniquely situated in a two-storey house in the heart of Moscow. On a street where central segment was built out with a tight pattern of 3-5 floored buildings, including Moscow Conservatory, in the late 19th century. Western part of Bolshaya Nikitskaya remains comfortably a quiet area of historic mansions.

Project Title: Syrovarnya Nikitskaya
Completion Date: 2022
Area: 300 sq m

Location: Bolshaya Nikitskaya St., 60/2, Moscow, Russia
Level: 1st and 2nd floors
Design studio: STUDIO SHOO
Studio Founder: Shushana Khachatrian
Website: studioshoo.com
Behance: https:// www.behance.net/ shushu14051c2d
Photographer(s): Sergey Krasyuk http:// sergeykrasyuk.com/

Syrovarnya Nikitskaya Restaurant By STUDIO SHOO - Sheet4
©Sergey Krasyuk

At the entrance, the first thing to instantly see is a bar and kitchen counter fixed with milk-white tiles, which gives an opportunity to keenly observe food technique preparation. For a kitchen fit out, the team carefully chose thin cross- sections of tree trunks to be properly fixed in a white panel. In the absence of sharp edges and corners in the space, the advantage is taken by smooth and bionic lines.

The team’s devoted attention has been given to the factures – velvet stucco walls, natural wood textures for furniture, large ones for fabric, solid oak floor and porcelain lighting.

Syrovarnya Nikitskaya Restaurant By STUDIO SHOO - Sheet6
©Sergey Krasyuk

Solid oak tables, bent wood chairs, shabby plank flooring, shelves with wood logs, handmade clay water jugs and vases, sculptural candle holders near the fireplaces – all of it were created to wake up some well-known feelings for Syrovatnya’s guests.

Warm white colours of milk, lush greenery, terracotta clay water jugs naturally became an inspiration for a new restaurant’s interior design. “We wanted to collaborate with countryside style, so well-recognised with Syrovarnya, and at the same time, to underline the ambiance of this historical building. Which is why the team has unanimously chosen the actual tree trunk textures to create collages with addition of perfectly white smooth surfaces” – said Shushana Khachatrian, project’s lead architect and STUDIO SHOO’s founder.

There are round tables for a large group of friends on the first floor, and also by the windows, a French sofa has been properly placed with an opportunity of tables rearrangement. Upstairs we have two working fireplaces; one of it was renovated according to the team’s specific instructions and a well-known David statue’s head was installed from the very first Syrovarnya at Badaevsky brewery factory.

Syrovarnya Nikitskaya Restaurant By STUDIO SHOO - Sheet7
©Sergey Krasyuk

Simultaneously, bright tones of the historical building’s interior collaborate with point colour accents. Deepening shades of mustard yellow, chocolate and greenish colours represent exquisite combination with antique walls. The maximum of daylight penetrates the windows, instantly making space bigger while reflecting from white walls. In a high ceiling room, minimalistic decorative porcelain lamps are in use to create warm accent lighting.


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