Where a culinary concept meets interior design

Transforming a world famous restaurant concept into an interior design concept comes with a special set of challenges. There is the need to create the appropriate setting for a restaurant of the highest quality, whilst meeting the needs of discerning international diners. The result: The combination of an exclusive atmosphere and an unforgettable dining experience with a sense of real intimacy.

Project Name: Zuma Restaurant – Hotel Weißes Rössl
Studio Name: Bernd Gruber Kitzbühel

DURATION: February 2019 – December 2019
SERVICE: Concept, execution, building supervision of public areas

Zuma Restaurant - Hotel Weißes Rössl By Bernd Gruber Kitzbühel - Sheet1
©Bernd Gruber Kitzbühel


A variety of influences come together to create an impressive sense of space Grand Hotels, the worldwide locations of Zuma restaurants, together with a variety of designs are among the main inspirations for this concept. The combination of international and traditional influences resulted in the creation of a unique experience. The highlight of the entire building is the selective arrangement of mirrors and lights and the resulting interaction of reflections and architectural boundaries.

Zuma Restaurant - Hotel Weißes Rössl By Bernd Gruber Kitzbühel - Sheet2
©Bernd Gruber Kitzbühel

The central Zuma feeling and main character of he project is the bar wich is center piece of the overall space. Thus, Hotel Weißes Rössl’s lobby has become an open and wide space including the famous Zuma Restaurant. The design concept’s result is the re-shapening of areas and creation of one main floor which includes the reception, lobby, bar and restaurant.

An eye catcher forms the so-called „Josper Robata Grill“, an open charkoal grill made for the cooking in Robatayaki-Style. A former Japanese cooking technique which is fully dedicated to cooking in front of the guests.

Zuma Restaurant - Hotel Weißes Rössl By Bernd Gruber Kitzbühel - Sheet3
©Bernd Gruber Kitzbühel

The main challenge was to create one warm and welcoming space by hiding the existing load-bearing pillars and make them outstanding illuminated design elements.

The exceptional Lounge-Atmosphere expresses itsself by the fact that the guest is sitting lower at a variety of table shapes and styles. Reflecting mirrors create the special feel-good mood. Velvet, leather and, of course, wood are the chosen pre-dominant materials which have been selected in red, blue and other dark colours to create this special obscure but extraordinary place of cosiness.

Zuma Restaurant - Hotel Weißes Rössl By Bernd Gruber Kitzbühel - Sheet4
©Bernd Gruber Kitzbühel

The delicate use of colors creates an unobtrusive concept.

Indirect lighting and wall paneling ensure a sense of calm and comfort in the spacious restaurant.

The bar is the main element and guest focus.

Illuminated pillars guide the guest‘s way through an open space of different scenarios.

Recurring, mirrored room partitions ensure privacy in the public area of the luxury hotel.

The Josper Robata Grill in the extended area is held in contrasting colours and fabrics.


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