Introduction to Shell’s New Campus

Shell’s New Campus in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, is a collaborative, design-forward, and sustainable workspace that stands as a testament to building an engaging environment for the global oil industry giant and its employees. The project designed by InI Studios in sync with Hamiltons Architects and Mott McDonald spreads across 3,50,000 square feet, and functions on the core principle of ‘work-neighborhoods’ which makes the space cohesive and promotes interdisciplinary propositions in the workspace. Being true to the company’s brand ideology and loyalty towards India, the design of the project integrates Indian culture by sourcing natural materials and harmoniously implementing local art, color, and motifs to create an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Shell New Campus by INI Design Studio-Sheet1
Shell New Campus_INI Studio
Shell New Campus by INI Design Studio-Sheet2
Shell New Campus_INI Studio

Design Beliefs & Objectives

Shell’s Campus is surrounded by a lush green landscape and joins hands with environmental value project plans. The building serves its purpose to satisfactorily cater to not just the working employees but also meet the international standard of the company. While an integrated ‘neighborhood’ and ‘ main street’ circulation plan helps build a cohesive community and connectivity, there is an essence of transparency spread throughout. Adopting the accessible nature of the plan helps make the cross-continental collaboration seamless, and depicts Shell’s people-centric ethos with INI Studio’s conviction to deliver a harmonious workspace. The project aims to encapsulate the essence of making the workspace an extension of the home by showcasing the potential of thoughtful design to strengthen the professional and personal aspects of the Shell community.

Shell New Campus by INI Design Studio-Sheet3
Shell Campus facade_INI Studio

Interior-Exterior Details

Contextual relevance is carved out of preordained color and material palette which is processed and defined by Shell. Every ‘neighborhood’ in the Shell’s New Campus has an exceptional identity that fosters a cohesive community while maintaining individuality. There is a uniform design language followed throughout the project while treating each space according to its dedicated purpose. The layout of the plan permits the project to have multiple indoor-outdoor seating options along with common foyers and lobbies for building inter-department collaboration and hosting informal client meetings. Each work zone is distinguished with cheerfully colored furniture pieces featuring Shell’s theme colors and interspersing signature materials in diverse uses and forms. Introducing elaborated green-lush central courtyard which creates an appealing visual connection through high-performance glass surface on the exterior of the building. Balanced with soundproofing measures for internal partitions, transparency is achieved. The project is a prime example cross-continental collaboration which delivers cross-disciplinary office design.

Shell New Campus by INI Design Studio-Sheet4
Shell Campus facade_INI Studio
Shell New Campus by INI Design Studio-Sheet5
Shell Campus facade_INI Studio

The Step Seating arrangement right outside the entrance of the building gives the company an open stage to host informal events and activities to strengthen the community. Surrounded by trees and green grass, it instantly becomes the show-stopper and one of the key highlights of the project. 

Shell New Campus by INI Design Studio-Sheet6
Step seating arrangement_INI Studio

Energized Work Environment

The internal areas receive ample sunlight aided by light shelves to be sun-lit during the daytime. On the outdoors, shading tools like customized fins and Low-E glass coating to allow higher reflection of solar heat are used to provide a comfortable outdoor experience. It encourages the employees to interact with nature and enjoy the cross-flow of cool breeze that enters the space through large openings. The use of a reflective white external surface and terrace coating keeps the heat in check. Efficient water and energy systems employed further contribute to achieving an impressive IGBC-LEED Gold rating. These factors contribute to making the workspace eco-friendly and energized work environment.

Shell New Campus by INI Design Studio-Sheet7
Shell Campus facade_INI Studio


Amidst the hustle and bustle of Bengaluru city, Shell Campus sets to be an ideal example of sustainable and innovative design. In contrast with ever-crowded city life, the following project provides a cheerful, energetic, and peaceful environment that aims to epitomize productivity making it an almost ideal place to work. Its community-centric approach and commitment to sustainability embark on future workspace goals. The collaborative efforts of diverse teams from India, the USA, and Singapore, bring onboard local and international perspectives to meet Shell’s business, functional, operational, and environmental objectives and also resonate with cultural context. By overcoming the challenge of not only meeting the company’s global guidelines but also satisfying all stakeholders, Shell’s New Campus scores an impressive 4.66 out of 5 on the Design Excellence Metrics scale. 

Shell New Campus by INI Design Studio-Sheet8
Shell Campus facade_INI Studio

Keeping the environment as one of the core building principles not just structurally but also green energizing the project, the project stays committed to the environment and making it a sustainable workplace design with an IGBC-LEED Gold rating. The space ticks all marks, from vibrant distinguished modern furnishing to converging design themes across the campus, there is a sense of cohesive harmony throughout. The Shell’s brand has been skillfully used to enhance the feeling of belongingness in the space. The strategically added green lush to the space allows the office space to be a perfect breather and community-building spot for the employees. The project strengthens the professional community by succeeding in designing a space that feels like an extension of the home.


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