This workshop by Rethinking The Future (RTF) is aimed at helping Architects & various Designers in India to grow their practice:

#1 Developing Business Model of your architecture practice on 8 Key Parameters

#2 Learn to various tools that can help turn your practice into a recognizable brand

#3 Learn tools to reach out to people, generate leads and convert them efficiently

Learn to find new clients for your architecture practice

With over 90,000 registered Architects and more than 1,00,000 designers in India, the decisive factor between success and failure is your ability to provide unique value and being seen by the crowd as a distinct, high-value entity.


Brand 2.0 Workshop

Learn the essentials of Marketing for running an Architecture firm, connect with your followers and potential clients using digital media tools.

Growth Strategy of your Practice

Just like it is important to create innovative and responsible designs as architects of the 21st century, we cannot neglect the importance of the business aspect of it, and how to grow in the current competition

Brand Identity of your Practice

Architecture Practice GROWTH 2.0 Workshop will guide you in building an online and offline following for your Design firm among specific groups of people, using tools that are contemporary and accurate, which will help in the lead generation

Outreach to generate new projects

Architecture is an amalgamation of art and functionality, churned by the commercial wheel of effective business strategies. Facts of such successful assets of design deserve a global acknowledgment! Only when people know, will then offer you the projects.

Description of Workshop

Architecture Practice GROWTH workshop 2.0 is a series of day-long intensive workshops organized by the core team behind RTF, across 10 cities in India, with the objective of helping Architects & Designers to grow their architecture practice. The workshop is pivoted around creating a complete roadmap for Architects and Designers, to aid them in creating an individual standing and becoming a STAR PRACTICE.

The entire explanation of roadmap will involve detailed discussions on relevant topics of Architecture Business Development, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Search Engine Optimization, Media Broadcasting and the most populous SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIZING, finding new leads and converting them as your next clients.

The event also intends to hear what Designers perceive about the stated ideologies and enable other contemporaries to get an insight.


By the end of the workshop, you will learn:

  • Learn ways of developing your architecture practice around 8 Key Parameters of business developmjent.
  • By end of day, you’ll be ready with your architecture pratice model, and potential areas that you might doesn’t even know if exists, work on those areas and get the new clients
  • How to pick the right components and develop a unique strategy for YOUR firm.
  • Why Communications is an indispensable aspect of a successful design firm
  • How to build a powerful brand for your Architecture / Design firm based on the unique value you are creating
  • A detailed scenario of the market with respect to economic factors
  • How the most successful Architecture / Design practices use social media for their growth and what you can learn from them
  • How to weave a compelling story behind your every project and How to turn your practice into brand.
  • How to enhance your digital presence to attract more followers and potential clients
  • Reverse-engineer multiple Architecture Brands to help you understand the core principles that led to their success.
  • Core principles of Digital Marketing that you should follow for rapid growth as a Design firm
  • A lot of ideas to pick and choose what fits your current resources and goals.
  • A clarity of what EXACT steps you should take to bring fruitful changes


There are various aspects of Marketing and Communications that can be finely winded around the core principles of Design. These concepts will be stipulated with the aid of relevant examples from the market, assisting professionals to perceive the system and their connective output in the realm of Design. An effective roadmap is to be established, from strategizing the available data to create a distinct flow of activities such that the stated goal of creating Invincible Design Brands may be achieved.



Date of workshop
07 Dec,’19 | Saturday

10:30 AM – 05:30 PM

Innov8 CP,
Regal Building, 69,
Connaught Place,
New Delhi, 110001

Note: Dates and Venue for Mumbai, Chennai, Calicut, Kochi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, and Kolkata will be announced soon.

Registration Fee

New Delhi

Regular Registration Fee (up to 24 Nov 19):
10,000 INR/person 1499/- INR / person

Late Registration Fee (25th Nov to 5th Dec 19 ):
10,000/- INR / person

Registration Fee includes Branding Kit, Lunch and Coffee/snacks at Tea Breaks.

Note: Limited Seats only. Don’t wait till the end, Registrations will be over as soon as the Seats are filled.

Who should attend

You will get the most out of the Workshop if

  • You are a Principal Architect / Senior Architect / Design Head / Senior Designer at an Architecture / Design firm looking to expand your practice
  • Marketing head at a Architecture / Interior Design / Furniture Design / Product Design firm
  • A solopreneur Architect / Designer

Prerequisites for attending

  • No prior knowledge of any software is required to attend the workshop.


Vikas Pawar

Founder, Rethinking The Future

Vikas Pawar is an Architect and Urban Designer, an alumnus of School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi. He has been a speaker at TEDx Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Kolkata and TEDx PEC, Chandigarh where he talked about the Future of Architecture.

He’s the founder of global Architectural Platform ‘Rethinking The Future’ which is known in the fraternity for its Annual Awards and Architectural Journalism, where a team of more than 40 people writes about the various urban and architectural issues with a readership from more than 100 countries. He’s also the founder of Delhi Architecture Festival which is now shaping into India Architecture Festival next year. He’s also curated the Exhibition on Journey of Indian Architecture in the past 100 years which exhibited in Mumbai, Agra, Jaipur and Delhi. He’s been involved in various architectural events/ exhibitions/ workshops pan India and his contribution to the field has been awarded by the Indian Institute of Architects on the centenary year celebration.

His architectural work has a good reflection of climate responsive designs. He has been involved in the master planning of IIT Gandhinagar. His work Eco Skyscraper has been exhibited at Florence World Festival, India’s First Habitat Forum and Arcasia -Asia’s largest architectural conference and hundreds of digital platforms across the globe.

Himanshu Kalra

Strategist, Rethinking The Future

Himanshu Kalra is an Architect/ Writer on the mission to understanding the interplay between individuals and their physical, societal environments. An avid student of design, he has a sound understanding of the symbolic significances and array of required nuances that imparts the greatness in a great brand!

A visionary and a strategist, Himanshu believes that a great strategy is one that continually keeps a business at the edge of its potential and while keeping an eye out for new opportunities.

Bineeta Ghoshal

Communications Director, Embassy of Media

Bineeta Ghoshal is architectural journalist and the communications director at the Embassy of Media, an RTF Initiative, in Delhi. An architect by education, Bineeta has an immaculate interest in the genre of architectural journalism, aiming to impart the residents of the world with creative and unknown facets of the enveloping built environment.

Being a resident of the country where this aspect of architectural writing has not yet achieved its epitome and is struggling to be considered as a mainstream profession, she desires to reach out to the grass-root levels and establish this as a validated option in the prodigious panorama called ‘Architecture’. She has worked with different architectural firms, gaining hands-on experience of the journey from a concept on paper to its constructive implementation. Ar. Bineeta is also a country reporter for World Architecture Organization and has also been a content writer for both architectural and travel portals, owing to her interest in the urban and traditional facades that parade their stalwarts across the globe.

Need for Branding/ Marketing in Architecture and Design

Branding, by definition, is a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company. This helps to identify a product and distinguish it from other products and services.

Just like Art, Architecture has essences that have dissimilar perceptions. Where one façade can be recognized as symmetric and clean, the same design element can be stamped as mundane by a second individual. It is necessary, to develop channels in order for people of all spheres, to acquire an equivalent opportunity of hearing the stories behind the scenes from the Designers themselves. Branding, with a compliance of Marketing and Communications, becomes an effective apprentice to assist the dynamic growth of every facet of the built cosmos and the Architectural Community at large.

As stated before, there is an earnest need for creating a platter of practical information, relevant to the Architectural scenario today. This information is crucial to be circulated among individuals of various stratifications; both in the fraternity and outside. Students are crucial sections who deserve updated information of the commercial field. Branding your company, to create a visual an online identity, will enable to just proliferation of information to the correct audience and will in turn create a stature that complies with the designer’s ideologies.

Branding, with its comrades called Architectural Communications and Marketing, is the most efficient and effective key that can aid in carving out the deserved crescendo for the numerous built marvels, and maintaining the same with apt dexterity and nuance.